Rita Moreno Dated Elvis To Get Back At Marlon Brando

“He was nice, but he was a country boy.”

Rita Moreno is a legend and she has some legendary stories too.

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To wit: During a recent appearance on the viewHowever, the actress revealed that she once dated Elvis only to get revenge on cheating Marlon Brando. really.

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Moreno claims she got motivated after finding underwear that didn’t belong to her at Brando’s house while dating the actor. “Of course, I felt sad, and I went home crying – I was really naive – and I was angry too, just angry,” she recalls.

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The next day, the phone rang, and I heard ‘Miss Marina? “Ah, yes?” I said. “This Colonel Parker, my client is Elvis Presley, and Elvis spotted you at the commissioner of 20th Century Fox, and he liked what he saw.”

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I said ‘Oh?’ ‘ He said, ‘He would like to meet you often. Do you want to meet him? And I thought about those underwear, and I said, “Yeah, I will!”

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Moreno ended up going on several dates with Elvis but didn’t seem to have a very good time, going so far as to describe him as “boring”. “He was cute, but he was a country boy,” she recalls.

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But “it didn’t take long” for Brando to find out, and the news had the desired effect for Moreno. She claimed, “He started throwing chairs.” “He was so grumpy. It was cool. I just sat there while he was throwing chairs and going on.”

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