Report: Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury set to be cancelled due to Fury injury; Tyron Woodley could step in

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul may still be waiting to face each other.

Tommy Fury’s December 18 meeting with Jake Paul is said to be in jeopardy due to rumors about the fight being called off due to an injury the Briton sustained.

The two had been engaged in a fierce war of words for months and were due to settle their differences in less than two weeks.

Online character Kim Star He headed to his community center earlier today to confirm that he had been informed by two sources that Fury was withdrawing from the eagerly awaited fight.

In addition to news of Fury’s exit, Keemstar also stated that Tyron Woodley is ready to step in and replace the British fighter. Woodley lost to Paul in August in the most controversial YouTube test to date.

DAZN News will have more on this story as it develops.

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