Prince Albert of Monaco is a ‘warm and welcoming’ royal whose focus is on charity, not tabloid scrutiny: pal

Zara has fond memories of when Prince Albert met the Prince of Monaco, whose marriage to Princess Charlene was the subject of tabloid scrutiny.

It was in 2014 and the recording artist was at a party in Monte Carlo with Roger Moore and his family.

“He was very warm and welcoming,” she told Fox News. “He has a good sense of humour. I enjoyed his company from the start. He is very humble and immediately spoke of his love for the arts, cinema and theater. This goes through his family and his love for Monaco.”

But the evening was more than just a magical night out. Zara’s husband, Eugene Millard, was CEO of Very Special Arts (VSA) at the Kennedy Center, which aims to ensure that the arts are accessible to all. He was previously the CEO of the Grammy Foundation. The couple was in the process of possible cooperation on a project with Albert. The idea was probably for a filmed concert that would raise awareness of global dance among young people. However, Maillard passed away in 2020 before it came to fruition.

Princess Albert, wife of Monaco, Princess Charlene, broke silence to celebrate her twin birthday

Author & amp. TV personality with Prince Albert II of Monaco at the annual Ambassador’s Club gala in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
(courtesy of Zaraa)

“Albert is actively involved in partnerships around the arts,” she explained. He also loves the environment and wants to protect and preserve the planet. This includes marine wildlife rescue. He has donated millions of dollars to research and studies related to the environment. He has also taken an active role in the Princess Grace Foundation. He wants to make a difference and has never forgotten his mother’s theatrical legacy and what that means for her.”

According to reports, the 63-year-old is one of the world’s leading philanthropists dedicated to ocean conservation and sustainability. As of September 2021, it was revealed that the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has invested nearly $99 million to fund nearly 700 environment-related projects.

But the focus these days has been on Albert’s marriage, not his charitable work. In May, Charlene, 43, traveled to her family’s home country of South Africa. Soon, she developed ear, nose, and throat complications from a previous medical procedure. She was isolated in South Africa for six months away from her family where she underwent several corrective surgeries.

On November 8, a spokesperson for the royal family confirmed to Fox News that Charlene had arrived in France after an overnight flight from South Africa. She was greeted by Albert and their twins and Albert’s younger sister Princess Stephanie.

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Princess Charlene of Monaco, a former Olympic swimmer, has faced health problems this year.  The news led to tabloid scrutiny.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, a former Olympic swimmer, has faced health problems this year. The news led to tabloid scrutiny.
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretan/Getty Images)

But a few days after her arrival, Albert and several members of Charlene’s family agreed with her decision to seek medical attention. At the time, Prince told People magazine that Charlene had been experiencing “emotional and physical exhaustion” and had been advised of clinical care for several weeks.

The months-long split sparked persistent rumors of an impending split, with sources submitting allegations to multiple European outlets.

Zara noted that the European press had long been fascinated by the so-called “Grimaldi curse”, which flew after Albert’s mother, Princess Grace, died in 1982 from injuries sustained in a car accident at the age of 52. According to legend, no member of the Grimaldi family will find true happiness in marriage. She said the royal family was not bothered by this anecdote because their priority has always been over the family’s well-being.

Rumors of an impending split intensified when Albert attended the Tokyo Olympics solo. It is noteworthy that Albert is a longtime member of the International Olympic Committee.


Prince Albert II of Monaco with his children Princess Gabriella of Monaco and Prince Jacques of Monaco appear on the balcony of the Palace during Monaco's National Day celebrations on November 19, 2021 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Prince Albert II of Monaco with his children Princess Gabriella of Monaco and Prince Jacques of Monaco appear on the balcony of the Palace during Monaco’s National Day celebrations on November 19, 2021 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
(Photo by Stefan Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

According to Zarrah, it is not unusual for Albert and Charlene to carry out their engagements on their own. It’s something I saw firsthand and suggested it was just a tip from the press. Despite the scrutiny, she believes the couple have been graceful during the ordeal.

Albert spoke to People magazine to dismiss the “shocking” rumours.

“Of course it affects her, of course it affects me,” he told the newspaper in September. “Misreading events is always harmful. … We are an easy target, easily accessible, because we are so much in the public eye.”

Zaraa said Albert’s willingness to speak publicly about his wife’s health battle comes from his American background. While he prefers privacy, it is also important for him to put things right in regards to his family.

Father Prince Albert, wife of Monaco, said Princess Charlene would ‘get ‘good health’.

Prince Albert of Monaco's mother is the late former American actress Grace Kelly.

Prince Albert of Monaco’s mother is the late former American actress Grace Kelly.
(Photo by Paramount Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Zara said she hopes the press will focus more on Albert’s work as a royal and how he is determined to keep his parents’ legacy alive.

“I remember we were at his mother’s summer house,” she recalls. “We had a meeting there for a movie project. It was so casual. Again, he was so warm and welcoming. He personally took a tour with us and showed us a tour of the house. I remember he was so gracious. I can’t speak enough of that because he’s so humble. Shows As a friend. And I think that’s what makes him special.”

“Do not feel all the weight of the royal assistants and protocols,” she continued. “Even when he goes to a local bar or restaurant, it’s very simple. It’s like any other patron saying hi and talking to you. I think it’s a testament to his personality. I always found it refreshing. He made my husband feel totally relaxed and comfortable. He loves the arts, the environment, And the kids – he’s also a good percussionist!”

Today, Zara participates in BN Tune Cars, which she describes as a global youth media initiative. She also wrote a book called “Diamonds are For Cocktails” about the decline of the French Riviera.

Prince Albert of Monaco says his wife Charlene is in a treatment facility after returning home

Princess Charlene had previously told Africa 702 radio host Mandy Weiner that she "Healing cannot be forced."

Princess Charlene had told Africa Radio 702 host Mandy Weiner that she “couldn’t force her to recover”.
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Charlene is recovering. Recently, she took to Instagram and wished her twins a happy birthday.

The famous athlete married Prince on July 1, 2011. The wedding was amazing, costing about $70 million for the four-day event. They welcomed twins in 2014.

The planned anniversary celebration has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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