Preston mental health patient attacked receptionist with baseball bat

A mental health patient attacks a female receptionist with a baseball bat after creating an illusion about her.

Waqas Mahmoud, 35, was receiving treatment as an outpatient in West Strand House, Preston, when he yelled at the woman when she left work for the day.

On February 28, Mahmoud came to the center for an appointment with the community mental health team, which has been supporting him in a case of treatment-resistant schizophrenia, Preston Crown Court heard.

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Mr. Goss, in the referee, said Mahmoud’s appointments went without difficulties, but that he arrived on the day in question with a baseball bat.

When the woman left the building, Mahmoud hit her on the arm with the bat.

“You were carrying the delusion and mistaken belief that the receptionist assaulted you in the hospital, many years ago,” the judge said.

The woman injured her shoulder resulting in bursitis and movement difficulties in the joint.

Judge Goss said: “There is some resistance to the movement that may require an operation.

“She is very careful not to see you again while she is at work and she has changed her workplace.

“The complainant was working in a public health service frontline role and there were vulnerable members of the public present when the crime was committed.

However, you have no prior convictions and have been suffering from the effects of treatment-resistant schizophrenia.”

Mahmoud pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon and assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH).

He was secured a place in a safe mental health unit in Blackpool.

Judge Goss issued an order in the hospital to treat Mahmoud as an inpatient.

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