Podcast: Behind the Pages: Perinatal Mental Health Issue

in October, Health Affairs published a case Dedicated to perinatal mental health.

There has long been awareness of the harms associated with perinatal depression and mood disorders. Perinatal depression and mood disorders occur in the context of social, economic and other health conditions that affect the well-being of people born, families, and communities. Prevention, screening, and treatment can enhance mental health in pregnant women and after childbirth, but they are intermittent, and there are many missed opportunities as individuals seek and receive care within the health care system and the community.

The purpose of this case is to explore the political opportunities and the evidence behind those choices To improve support for people before, during and after birth.

In today’s episode of Health affairs this weekSenior Editors Leslie Erdelak, Elaine Bayer and Kathleen Haddad discuss the publishing process and highlight research insights from the issue.

Ask the Perinatal Mental Health Issue in October.

Health Affairs Thank you Jennifer Moore, Founding CEO of Institute for Medicaid Innovation, to serve as thematic advisor for perinatal mental health papers in the October issue. We thank california health care foundation Berry Box, and Zuma Foundation for their financial support for the cause.

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