Perry 4-Star DE Tyreese Fearbry Signs With Kentucky

Pittsburgh – Four-star defensive player Tyreese Fearbry has officially signed the Kentucky Wildcats as part of the National Signing Day on Wednesday, December 15.

Furbury said he decided to pick Kentucky in large part because of defensive coordinator and outside quarterback coach Brad White.

“Coach White is a great guy, he’s being trained by a guy like him,” said Fairberry. “He wants the best for his players, he wants the best for the Kentucky program.”

Fairberry said White’s leadership style appealed to him because it emphasized personal growth as well as growth in the network.

“He wants us to play football, but also to be successful in life,” said Ferbury. “Growing like a man, he can help me with that too.”

Although Fearbry had the opportunity to transfer from Perry to another WPIAL school with a larger football program, he decided to stay in the City League. Now gearing up to play in the SEC, the premier college football conference, Fearbry is sticking to his humble beginnings.

“I’m just a kid from Berry. I’m just a kid coming from the north side,” said Fairberry. “It’s so big. Not many kids here are recruited from the City League. It just means so much, it’s my choice.”

Fairberry said he is excited about the level of independence the college brings, as well as the opportunity to go to school out of state.

“Going downstairs [to Lexington]”To be away from Pittsburgh for a little while, and to grow on my own, means a lot to me,” Fairberry said. “I can’t wait to get back there in June.”

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