Pee-wee Herman is the latest celebrity DJ, and it’s great

Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins
Photo: Mike Wendell/Getty Images for SXSW

Earlier this year, we reported a high Tom Hanks, celebrity DJ– Mix of man and medium Which made the perfect blend of dad joke Feelings, dad rock energy, and just the general package. But Hanks now has a contender in the world of “famous DJs we’d really love to hear taking the mic,” a man with vast musical experience of his own. (Provided that this is music Either “tequila” or coined by Danny Elfman): B-Wee Hermann.

Paul Reubens’ iconic creation jumped to the booth at KCRW radio station in Santa Monica recently. to revive life The Paul Wee Hermann radio watch, who showed up yesterday, and looks a lot like what he looks like: Pee-wee (and a lot of his friends, including Cmagic screen Miss Yvonne, the hated Randy) hangs on the mic for an hour, plays soul songs, and makes a slew of Pee-Wee Herman-style jokes. (Is there a magic word? Of course there is a magic word).

that it, since whenIt’s gratifying to hear Robbins indulge in the Pee-Wee character, who is lively, playful, and downright annoying as ever. (One of the gags running in radio clock is his absolute refusal to allow every song to be played.) He also has some decent flair in soul and funk music, having appeared on tracks from Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and more.

Paul Wee Hermann radio watch Aired on KCRW on November 26; It will stay on the station’s website for a week, then “disappear forever” in Product words: Jesse Thorne (who helped manage the project, with Robbins, Via The ultimate audio network fun). If you’re a fan of Pee-Wee, Reubens, or exotic orders from Jack White, you probably owe it to yourself to check it out, Before disappearing into the ether like many words into the microphone.


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