Paul Walker’s Brother Cody and Vin Diesel Reunite as They Mark 8th Anniversary of Actor’s Death

Paul WalkerHis legacy lives on through his family, including The Fast and the Furious One.

And on Saturday, December 4, days after the eighth anniversary of the death of his brother, the actor Cody Walker Hosted the annual FuelFest Music and Auto Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. A portion of the annual event proceeds benefit Reach Out Worldwide, the charitable organization Paul founded, of which Cody serves as CEO.

At Voelvest, he only joined the latter for a long time for Paul The Fast and the Furious co-star and friend, Vin Diesel, and fellow cast member Tyrese Gibson.

“I’m here with my brother in Fuel Fest,” the 54-year-old said in a selfie video on Instagram, which showed him showing his arm around Cody at a crowded Wild Horse park. “It is such an honor to see the entire car culture brought together by my brother Cody.”

The best moments of Paul Walker and his daughter Meadow Walker

“I’m proud of him and I know my brother Pablo is even more proud of him,” he continued, referring to his nickname Paul.

“Thank you everyone, everyone who attended, and who showed so much support today,” Cody said, patting Finn on the shoulder. “Thank you to my family for showing up so big.” “It’s a huge deal.”

The two actors also appeared with Cody on stage. Finn has met Paul’s brother before, including in 2019 when he visited the cast of the set F9: Fast Saga. That year, Thérèse joined Cody at the editorial for Veolfest in Anaheim, California.

Therese, 42, Cody, 33, and co-founder of the festival Chris Lee We also shared photos from Saturday’s event on Instagram.

“8 years later,” Cody wrote, along with a photo of him cuddling Finn. “Thank you #Phoenixfuelfest.”

Therese wrote on his Instagram Story, “The family is here at fuelfest.”

Paul died in a car accident in Valencia, California on November 30, 2013. He was 40 years old.

in time, angry 7 He was still filming and his two brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, were brought in to be the doubles of his character, Brian O’Conner. The siblings also provided voiceover, while other body and stunt pairs and CGI were also used to complete the film, which was released in 2015. The next movie in the franchise, Fast and Furious 10It is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

“Fin and the whole family have done a really good job of letting the character go off into the sunset,” Cody told TMZ in June. “I think Paul would really get out of where he went. It got really crazy. It’s a brutal wild ride at this point. Paul was pretty much the real car guy. I couldn’t predict what he’d do I guess. I just know Vin always takes He takes a very serious approach to keeping Paul’s legacy in mind, and he’s always done a great job of paying tribute to his character. They’ve worked together and been brothers for years.”

In addition to Cody and Caleb, Paul is also survived by the sisters Amy And ashley, Baba Paul Walker III, Illiterate Sheryl Walker and my daughter meadow and den, who is now 23 and recently married. Finn walked her down the aisle and his eldest daughter Hania Riley Sinclair, 13 years old, served as her bridesmaid.

Last week, on the eighth anniversary of Paul’s death, Finn paid tribute to his friend on Instagram.

“Lots to tell you…” wrote Finn. “I can remember that day when you and I were filming that scene in F4 where we were eating Chinese and we had a brother fight scene that ended with you saying ‘I just wanted you to go home dum…’ when we were done shooting that day and I entered the clip My teaser and I asked, What’s on your mind? You always knew when something was on my mind. Haha.”

Finn included in his post a photo of Mido in her wedding dress and a photo of his 13-year-old daughter, Hania Sinclair. The actor is also a father to his son Vincent Sinclair11 and 6 year old daughter Pauline Sinclair, named after Paul.

“I told you I was about to have a baby and didn’t know what to expect at the hospital I was headed to after work,” Finn wrote. “You’ll never forget what you said to me… You said a lot of strong men would ask you to wait outside the delivery room, but that’s wrong. Get in there, cut the umbilical cord already and this will be the best day of your life. Of course, you’ve been speaking from experience, You already have an angel of your own. It’s been eight years today…not a day goes by that I don’t think about the brotherhood we have…but you know it.”

He continued, “The tragedies in life are always followed by the blessings of life if you only stay open and have faith. Look at this picture of Pablo, it will make you smile. The same angel you helped me prepare for in the most beautiful way with brotherly advice is the same angel I asked Meadow to be my maid of honor. How me to know it back on the set of 2008 Fast…But maybe I did somehow. I miss you. My kids always tell me Uncle Paul is always with my dad…I know in my heart they’re right. I miss you Pablo…”

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