Patrick Schwarzenegger Says Mom Maria Shriver Is Going to ‘Kill’ Him for New Bleached Hair

Patrick Schwarzenegger blonde hair

Patrick Schwarzenegger / Instagram

Patrick Schwarzenegger debuted a brand new bleach blonde look, but he doesn’t think mom Maria Shriver would love it.

The 28-year-old actor showed off his new platinum show on Instagram and jokingly referred to his mother in the caption. “Mothers will kill me,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s colorist son Sierra Keener visited Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles for a makeover. He posted a video on his Instagram Story where the hair expert rinsed his freshly dyed hair in the sink.

“Switch,” Schwarzenegger said. He then ran his fingers through his hair in another video that unveiled the final color.

While he didn’t think his mother would like it, Shriver proved him wrong. “You look great with any hair color,” the journalist commented.

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Schwarzenegger’s older sister Katherine Schwarzenegger (who is expecting her second child with husband Chris Pratt) felt differently. “Not unless I put my hands on you first,” she joked on Instagram.

Patrick Schwarzenegger blonde hair

Patrick Schwarzenegger blonde hair

Patrick Schwarzenegger / Instagram

Earlier this year, Patrick opened up about putting his physical and mental health first, undergoing a physical transformation after trying a new 50-day regimen to improve his health.

“50 days 5 a.m. getting in the best shape of my life,” the star wrote along with before-and-after photos of his torso. “Physically and mentally. The first picture is 185 lbs 8% fat. The second was 6 months ago. 163 lbs 13%.”

He continued: “413 people completed the challenge. Very wild. Some of the results were amazing. I found a sense of purpose. Increased energy. Better sleep habits.” “Some lost 15-30 pounds. People ate better throughout the day. More productive at work. And they found time for additional activities.”

Schwarzenegger went on to explain his workout regimen, then explained three main reasons why the 5 AM Challenge is so effective for him.

“1. You start your day with some form of ‘success’ and build momentum for the rest of your day,” he said. “2. It shows that your mind/body is capable of doing something you don’t want to.”

Schwarzenegger added, “3. It allows you to form small morning rituals/habits that lead to big results over time.”

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