Palmeiras vs Flamengo live online: scores, stats and updates, Copa Libertadores final

Coaches steal the show before the entire Brazilian Libertadores final

This year’s Libertadores Cup final between Flamengo and Palmeiras, The last two South American winners of the Champions League tie are Brazil’s second straight match and the focus is on coaches as much as players.

on one side Abel Ferrara, the Portuguese coach who led Palmeiras to the title last year and aims to become the first man to win the Libertadores title in a row since then. Carlos Bianchi I did it with Boca Juniors in 2001.

On the other hand Renato Gaucho, the Flamengo coach, taking over in July after an impressive stint at Gremio, a team he led to the Libertadores in 2017.

They both possess huge personalities and have had successful careers, but they come close to the match under different levels of scrutiny.

Ferrera’s side have not won any of their last four games, but they are still considered an icon of the club, largely in their victory last year, their second Libertadores Cup victory and their first since 1999.

Even though he’s only been in Palmeiras for 13 monthsHe is the second longest serving coach in the Brazilian First Division.

“He won the Libertadores title last year and he is in another Libertadores final,” Renato said of his opponent. “Few of the coaches were able to do what he did. It’s not easy to come to Brazil and win the titles he won.”

Renato is considered one of the greatest Libertadores artists in Brazilian history, Winning the title as a player and coach.

But he is nevertheless being heavily criticized by his supporters for his team choices, for not celebrating goals with enough enthusiasm, and even for talking to opponents during matches.

The criticism is harsh on a man who led his team to the final of the Libertadores and finished second in the league with four games remaining.

“Flamingo fans are very demanding and sometimes they skip the score,” said Ronaldo, the former Real Madrid and Brazil striker who was a fan of Flamengo in his childhood. “In the best of circumstances, the coach needs time to implement his ideas. Renato is doing well.”

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