Off the Crossbar: Hot take dolt says Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller is a “good player, no more”

In response to Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller’s LinkedIn post (It’s amazing that he used LinkedIn as his platform of choice), El Chiringuito TV (aka Don Balloon LiteCritic and former footballer Jota Jordi has become very sensitive and perhaps a bit sensitive about his affinity with Lionel Messi.

Jordi was so hurt, he released a sarcastic response to Mueller’s post (as captured by his Twitter account). Tweet embed):

The limits of Lionel Messi fans know no limits:

  • Ordinary fans? Check. (Not much)
  • Obsessed kids? Check. (Much much more)
  • Journalists involved in inhalation? (More than you imagine).
  • People who need professional help? (too much to count)

I wanted to use the Jota image to run with this post, but unfortunately, there was none:

Anyway, I’m sure Müller didn’t care as much about what went wrong, as Double J thinks. #MüllerMafia should take the same tact. Don’t come down yourselves to be like the delusional, sad, obsessed clown, the #MessiMorons, who somehow can’t accept his god, could at the same time be the greatest player of all time – not the best player in either 2020 or 2021.

Not all Messi fans are bad… but they are annoying Ronan Murphy on social media It definitely falls into this category.

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