Obese Man Addicted to Snacks Looks Unrecognizable After Losing 154lb, Wins Bodybuilding Award

A man addicted to snacks revealed how he lost more than 154 pounds and won a bodybuilding award.

Turning the scales at 364 pounds, Oliver Hegarty, 29, was eating more than 7,000 calories on a daily basis.

A builder from Faversham, Kent, in England, chewed on bags of chips and the most common biscuit until he decided that was enough. Now, 23 months later, Oliver looks unknown, weighs 210 pounds, and has won a Pure Elite bodybuilding award.

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Oliver said: “On New Years Eve in 2019, I decided to take the scales off, something I wouldn’t normally do.

“I thought I was 22 stone (308 lbs) but was disgusted when the dial turned around 26 (364 lbs).

“I’ve always been a big guy and been teased by my classmates and at school, but I never let that get to me.

“I’ve always wanted to have kids, and after weighing myself, I realized that probably wouldn’t be possible if I kept putting on weight. At that point, I felt really heavy and was really worried about the possibility of diabetes and heart attacks.”

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Oliver spends 280 pounds (about $375) a month on snacks like crackers, energy drinks, and large bags of chips.

“I would have spent 70 pounds [approx. $95] On snacks and fast food alone every week.

“I’m going to get a meal deal from Morrisons and add things on top like six cans of sausage rolls, which I’ve been eating before I get back to work.

“I was having a healthy dinner, but then I would go out to the store and get myself a bag of chips and eat three bars of chocolate. I decided I needed to start cutting out snacks and do something to help me lose weight.”

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Oliver began his weight loss journey by slowly reducing daily calories, running, attending the gym, and talking to nutritionists he found on social media.

“I lost weight very quickly at first and found myself losing seven pounds or more a week,” he said. “I realized it might have been water weight and started noticing the progress was starting to slow. I was measuring my legs and waist on a weekly basis and had a strict routine of going to the gym constantly.

“When the shutdown happened, I didn’t want to change my regimen, so I bought some weights and just kept going.

“But it got to a point where I don’t see any progress anymore, so I ended up finding help from an Instagram nutritionist named Tom Foreman and Aston Worsfold who do the training online. We went out of the way, the progress and results I saw were from them. Amazing.

“I eat a lot of chicken and salmon now, as well as rice and other high-carb foods, and I usually have a protein shake every day.”

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Oliver now eats six times a day, in addition to exercising for an hour to 90 minutes at a time.

“I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper, as well as a pre- and post-workout meal,” he said.

“I’ve gotten to a point where I’m much happier with my weight and trying to build muscle and keep everything tight.

“Because I regained that confidence with my dietitian and exerciser, I entered the Pure Elite Transformation class and couldn’t believe it when I won.

“Since I lost weight, I’ve done a 4WD challenge where I ran four miles every four hours over a 48-hour period. I managed to gain over 1,200 pounds. [approx. $1,600] For Mental Health UK, a charity close to my heart.”

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(Courtesy of Caters News)

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