NWSL live trade tracker: Sam Mewis to KC Current, Sarah Gorden and Julie Ertz to Angel City and more

Back to some of the trades that predated the start of this live blog and that will also play a role in the expansion draft when it comes to immunity, although partial in both cases:

  • Soul is safe from the waves, thanks to Tegan McGrady’s trade – but it’s still open to picking an expansion draft of Angel City.
  • Racing Louisville FC obtained immunity from Angel City back in August as part of a Christen Press rights deal – they are still on board in San Diego.

With two teams completely off the board as well as two teams partially off the board – and possibly more to come – this should make the double expansion draft a little weirder than initially anticipated, and at least a little shorter as a real event.

There still seemed to be a lot of traffic on the road, or at least, phones were ringing in front offices throughout the league. The trading deadline is tomorrow night (Friday December 3) at 6pm ET – but that doesn’t mean that trades should be announced by then, so we may still see some of those trades officially announced as early as next week.

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Staff writer, women’s soccer

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