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Concerned that your gym or New Year’s fitness resolutions could be hit, Omicron shut down or a Deltacron pop up? Sweat not because despite the stay-at-home and life-from-home orders caused by this pandemic, we’ve got the perfect solutions for people who need that extra motivation to get healthy in 2022 and shed those unwanted fats gained while staying at home.

Your fitness journey need not stop in the current scenario of Omicron spread and Covid-19 related restrictions including working from home. Check out these healthy diet tips and indoor exercise routine to stay in shape amid the coronavirus pandemic, nutrition experts have revealed.

Diet tips:

Mujda Pradhan, functional nutritionist and founder of iThrive, explains that an individual’s diet should be compatible with the body’s needs, lifestyle and environmental stresses. A proposal suggested some changes one could make to have a healthier lifestyle, and mentioned their value:

1. Eliminate harmful foods such as seed oils, sugar, refined flour and processed foods

2. Introduce nutritious foods such as eggs, red meat, organ meats and margarine.

3. One of the most beneficial changes one can make is to choose to snack on fruit. Fruits are an extra boost to your health.

In more detail about the healthy lifestyle changes one should incorporate amid the spread of Omicron, Madhavi Karmokar Sharma, nutrition expert, certified diabetes educator and founder of Informed Health, revealed the steps for following a healthy diet chart. I participated:

1. A simple home-cooked diet is the healthiest option for you. Here, not only the quality and quantity of meals is important, but the time of the meal is most important.

2. Alignment of our body clock with the clock of the sun ensures proper digestion of the meal and optimal assimilation of nutrients.

3. Start your day with a warm regional breakfast like veg poha / veg upma / idli / parantha. Keep it in a portion that encourages you to feel hungry at lunchtime.

4. Finish lunch at 1:30 pm max. Lunch can be dal/sambar/kaddi plus roti or rice and cooked seasonal vegetables.

5. Have a meal in the middle of the meal around 4 pm which can consist of tea, peanuts, chana or mekhana.

6. Aim for an early dinner. This can be simple roti as well as sabzi/nutella/paneer.

Tips for indoor exercises:

“Functional movement and exercise are two different things. Exercise is only one part of movement; it’s something we’ve come up with to bridge the gap created by our constant state of immobility. And nutritionist Mujda Pradhan suggested the best way to combat it is to keep your body in motion.” Recommends:

1. Go up the stairs

2. Attend a walk call

3. Try to keep relaxation activities as active as possible (such as walking) and don’t binge on TV shows.

4. Make sure you take regular breaks when working and don’t stick to the chair for long periods.

According to nutritionist Madhavi Karmokar, “All four aspects of exercise—strength, endurance, stretching, and stability—can be committed at home with a smart combination of exercises.” suggest:

1. Design a weekly workout schedule.

2. Do yoga twice a week. Yoga beautifully addresses the elements of strength, stability and stretching.

3. Strength training using resistance bands or weights helps build lean body mass as well as improve metabolism, and keep hormones in balance. Even two sessions of strength training a week will help you reap these benefits.

4. Inclusion of HIIT workouts or Tabata sessions keeps the cardio component healthy. These are small sessions of high-intensity exercise that improve heart health.

5. If you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home, you can do a 30-45 minute routine twice a week instead.

Recommending these methods to ensure building a sustainable approach to diet and exercise amid the ongoing pandemic, Madhavi noted, “Don’t forget the most underrated aspect of good health – sleep. Sleeping 7-8 hours helps balance hormones, thus preventing any unwanted or sugar cravings Good sleep also aids in recovery and you will see faster results from your workouts.”


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