Nutrition Tips To Remember In Your 20s While You Prepare For Your 30s

Your twenties is the time when you should try to follow some ground rules to keep your body healthy for the next decade. However, most young people today are restricted to their digital devices and spend many hours at work. This is concerning, given that sitting for long hours has been linked to a host of health problems. In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, young people often face pressures on their families, jobs, and society that can lead them to neglect their health. It is therefore imperative that young people focus on their physical well-being so that they can lead healthy, strong and disease-free lives as they age. Here are some easy and actionable tips on diet and exercise that one can include in their daily life, without having to compromise on their daily obligations.

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Add nutrients to your diet the easy way

Despite the sedentary nature of their work, the average young working man is always “on the move”. They are ambitious, and therefore switch multiple things at once. Hence, preparing simple food with carefully added ingredients and an easy-to-prepare assortment is the way to choose a diet. The nutritional value of seasonal vegetables and fruits is not compromised and, therefore, one should consider including plenty of vegetables like carrots, peas, beetroot, broccoli, vegetables like spinach and methi and readily available fruits like apples, mosambi and oranges.

Deciding on formulas and food preparations

Looking at entry-level salaries, youngsters should also keep in mind their expenses. Expensive foods that are often touted for their nutritional benefits like quinoa and avocado are usually very expensive. But such factors should not control one’s ability to choose a healthy diet. Preparations such as light dal khichdi with lots of chopped greens, greens and a dash of ghee, methi paratha with a bowl of curd and coriander chutney, or a large bowl of mixed fruit striped with a squeeze of lemon can be equally nutritious.

Realistic workout goals

Many researches in the past have shown that maintaining a healthy and fit body requires 70% diet regulation and 30% physical exercise. Among other things, one may not be able to make time for a gym session because it requires a huge commitment. Living an independent life in the first years of life also means that one has to take care of not only one’s professional work, but also household chores and tasks. In such cases, basic exercises can make room for other activities and are easy to follow. Using the stairs instead of the elevator to an office building, apartment or shopping mall, adding another 1,000 steps to an individual’s daily step count, or going for 15-20 minutes twice a day can be good choices for a full-body workout.

Get plenty of sleep, exercise and reduce stress

The importance of good sleep is often underestimated. It is not uncommon for people in their twenties to think of sleep as an expendable thing, and they often spend their day sleeping less than enough. However, sleep helps fight stress and heal the body from physical and mental exhaustion. To facilitate a good sleeping habit, one should make an effort to relax well before bedtime, dispense with all uses of devices, and try to take a meditative approach to sleep

During the early twenties, the metabolism activates at full speed. So eating a few extra treats and not exercising won’t make an immediate difference to your body. Unfortunately, as we age, our metabolism slows down. The only way to get him back on track is to exercise. Thus, it is important to start early and establish a pattern of good habits when you really need them!

About the author: Rohit Chilatkar, Vice President at Vitabiotics, Fitness and Nutrition Expert

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