North Korea holds public executions for K-pop listeners: Report

North Korea sA number of its citizens have been publicly executed after they watched K-pop or K-pop music videos, according to a report.

The Transitional Justice Working Group said at least seven people who were found to have watched K-pop videos were executed under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

K-pop is exported from South Korea, and possession and/or distribution of entertainment from South Korea is punishable by death, according to the communist country’s supreme leader.

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Kim said the influence of music on North Korea would cause the “nation to collapse like a wet wall”.

According to a report, six of the supposed executions took place in the city of Haisan.

The report noted that the city is famous for being a major entertainment business center in South Korea.

The killings reportedly took place between 2012 and 2014, and soldiers allegedly forced citizens and families of victims to watch the executions.


At least 23 executions were carried out under Kim’s rule, according to interviews with 683 North Korean defectors who fled to South Korea.


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