Nico Benezet bids emotional farewell to Sounders

Although nothing is official and at least theoretically possible he could still be re-signed, Nicholas Benizt suggested he played his last game for the Seattle Sounders in a message to fans via Twitter.

The Sounders announced Wednesday that they have turned down Benezet’s option – likely an increase on the $650,000 salary he took in 2021 – but also said they are still negotiating with several players whose contract has now expired. It’s possible the Sounders are still interested in the Benezet, but only in a smaller number.

Whether the Sounders put in a bid or not, Benezet seems to think he won’t be back, saying “I wish I could play with this team longer” and “I’ll never forget these past four months with you and wish you the best in the future.”

The feeling appears to have been mutual, with dozens of fans responding to the tweet with various forms of good wishes and frustration at his not coming back.

Although Benezet only joined the Sounders in the summer, he made a palpable impression. Benezet scored on his debut – against the Portland Timbers – and finished the season with 4 goals and one assist in all competitions. He also likes himself with fans who have a social media presence that leans heavily on manga-themed memes.

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