Nick Cannon Revisits the Thought of Having More Children and Opens Up About Co-parenting with Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon appeared on Dr. Oz on November 12 and opened up about finding love again and co-parenting with his famous ex-wife, singer Mariah Carey. The actor has seven children, three of whom were born within a year by three different women including 10-year-old twins. Monroe Cannon And Moroccan cannon With Mariah Carey.

He also shares a four-year-old golden son with a model Brittany BellThe Queen’s powerful daughter is 10 months old. cannon and model Abe de la Rosa They have two five-month-old sons named Zion and Zilion. The busy father also shares his 4-month-old son with model Alyssa Scott.

Actor Nick Cannon discusses parenting and love with Dr. Oz on November 19, 2021 (Image: Dr. Oz/YouTube)

Dr. Oz asked the actor how co-parenting the two stars were. Cannon replied that he and Carrie are doing well. “Pray that you keep going the way you do,” he said. “Because, you know, we don’t get along on everything every day, but a lot of the time, I’m a wild and a clown, and she’s probably the most understanding stable mom, so she probably feels like she just joked.

When Dr. Mohamed Oz asked him if he wanted to have more children, Cannon asked the doctor where he should stop.

“I don’t know, Doctor,” Cannon said. “What do you think? Where should I stop?”

The “The Masked Singer” presenter added that he has no plans to have any more children at the moment, in part because he was trying to survive through the end of the year.

He told Dr. Oz. He hasn’t had sex since September when his show “The Nick Cannon Show” aired.

The father-of-seven told podcast hosts “Drink Champs” NORE & DJ EFN that he was trying to stay single for the rest of the year when he appeared on their podcast on October 1.

“I try to relax though. I’m relaxed. I pull away a little bit, focus on myself, go inside, and continue to be celibate,” he said. “I have enough kids, enough fun. I’m fine now. I’m trying. I didn’t say I was perfect… I love all my children.”

Co-hosts also asked Cannon if he would have more children.

“I don’t walk around like, ‘Who am I going to vaccinate next?'” “It’s usually scenarios,” he said, adding that he had no plans to have more children at the moment.

He told Dr. Oz that he was not sure if he would have more children because he might fall in love again. He also adores parenting and is deeply devoted to his children.

“I don’t know how I will feel in five years,” he added. When people say, ‘Are you going to have more children,’ that’s a hard question, unless I have something like a vasectomy, because I don’t know if I’ll ever find love again. I don’t know how deep I’ll go again. I don’t know You never understand what the universe will offer you.”

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