Nick Cannon Recalls Events Leading Up to First Date with Meagan Good and Actress Later Friend-Zoning Him

Megan is good Appeared on “Nick Cannon” with Nick Cannon On December 1, Cannon brought up a date they had had for years when they were 17 and 16, respectively.

The actress was on the show to promote her role in the new Amazon Prime video series ‘Harlem’.

Megan Goode’s ‘Nick Cannon’ appearance with Nick Cannon on December 1st. (Photo: Nick Cannon/YouTube)

As Cannon recalls, the two were teenagers when they went out on a date after Good was nominated for an NAACP Award for “Eve’s Bayou.” She invited Goode Cannon to attend the awards ceremony with her.

The talk show host remembers driving his mother’s car that evening and there was a puncture on his way to pick up Good.

“My first real date ever,” he recalls. “She invited me – she was nominated – remember Eve’s Bayou?” She was gorgeous in “Eve’s Bayou.” She was nominated for an NAACP award and for some reason she asked me a little. I was literally just a kid doing stand-up comedy.”

“It was a great night, but before that it was one of the worst nights of my life because it was raining, I was driving my mom’s old rickety car, and I got a flat in the rain, I put on this tuxedo, and I’m like, ‘I’m going’ to the awards show with Meagan Good!” I scream, cry to the truck driver and he drove me all the way to her house pulling the car.

Good also remembered the evening and Cannon’s arrival in the tow truck to pick her up the awards, and they both laughed that she wasn’t ready when he arrived. He went on to say that this was his first date as well as his first award show and a great night.

The 41-year-old also remembers being put in the friend zone after his date.

“Meghan was the first person to do my friend zone,” he said. “But he was very psychedelic, because we had already become close friends,” he added.

The two also remembered growing up in Hollywood and working together. Good, 40, and Cannon starred in the 2005 movie “Roll Bounce” together.

The actress also discussed her belief in God and believes she is supposed to use her platform to spread the word of God. Judd said she is proud that her career credits God.

“I want God more than I want industry,” she said. “It’s about using this platform to glorify me [God]. … He’s allowed me to be here, and I’m humbled about it.”

“Harlem” is about four friends who pursue their dreams in New York after graduating from college together and premiered on December 3.

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