Neymar responds to Messi, Paredes, Di Maria for bragging Copa America photo

Leandro Paredes, Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi They were hanging out watching TV and drinking a mate in Paris, while also managing to get whipped Paris Saint-Germain colleague Neymar.

The three Argentines posed for a joint photo on wallsInstagram account, all together in one of their living rooms, with America’s Cup The cup is next to them.

However, their fellow Brazilian in Paris Saint-Germain was not happy when he opened his application to see the picture, commenting on “putos” below the picture as an insult to Messi, Di Maria and Paredes.

Aston Villa and Argentina goalkeeper Amy Martinez Comment too, joining in the fun.

“What an unofficial picture,” he wrote. “Angel, put more water on the yerba mate.”

Giovanni Lo Celso commented with a series of smoldering emojis.


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