New Players’ Tribune Podcast Opens the Book On Athletes’ Mental Health

When we hear “Scott Niedermayer” what do we think of it? Brilliant winner? The man who won four Stanley Cups, a Norris Cup, the Coon Smith Cup and multiple Olympic gold medals?

He is a defensive man in the Hall of Fame, known in his career as the image of poise. Now, though, he’s crying. He reveals his soul to old fellow Kamloops Blazers, former NHL goalkeeper Cory Hirsch, and celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Diane McIntosh. Niedermayer explains how winning his fourth trophy was his greatest achievement because it meant he could pass the trophy to his brother Rob. Niedermayer collapses, and Dr. Macintosh does, too. It’s a beautiful moment, raw for someone like Niedermayer, whose entire brand as a player was on the verge of composing.


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