MLS free agents Atlanta United should consider

Ozzy Alonso

position: Defensive midfield.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: ($322,000 while with Minnesota).

Omar: 36.

Impressions/starts of 2021: 24/15.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 338/317.

Goals / Assists: 13/27.

Notes: He won the MLS Cup in 2016, the US Open Cup in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014 and the MLS Supporters Shield in 2014. …Despite his advanced age, he still ranks above average in many Key defensive stats, including tackles (2.35 per player per game), interceptions (2.03 per game), and distances (1.04 per game), remains a capable and effective player.

why? You want a veteran player who knows MLS, knows Atlanta United manager Gonzalo Pineda and is a voice in the dressing room that, well, doesn’t come out better than Alonso. He can really teach Santiago Sosa and Franco Ibarra how to play center.

Will Bruin

position: straight ahead.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $458,333 while in Seattle.

Omar: 32.

Impressions/starts of 2021: 24/16.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 286/216.

Goals / Assists: 74/33.

Notes: Pineda knows Bruin and Bruen knows Pineda.

why? Bruyne will present a different kind of threat as a striker like Joseph Martinez, and he will be the good support that the squad lacks. He averaged 3.22 antennas he won every 90 minutes. Bruin knows the league and will provide leadership.

Shawn Davis

position: Midfielder.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $402,500 while he was with the New York Red Bulls.

Omar: 28.

Appearances / beginnings of 2021: 34/34.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 172/141.

Goals / Assists: 4/23.

Notes: Discussions are underway with the Red Bulls about a comeback.

Why: He would bring fire and know how to put pressure on opponents from his time in Red Bulls. He has extensive experience in MLS and in the playoffs. He is a very good defensive player, and he outperforms his peers in most defensive categories in the league.

Sasha Klgistan

position: Midline.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $247,350 while you’re with LA Galaxy.

Omar: 36.

Impressions/starts of 2021: 31/13.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 310/265.

Goals / Assists: 43/97.

Notes: He is in discussions to return to LA Galaxy. He participated in more than 150 matches, including 14 in the Champions League, with Anderlecht in Belgium.

why? He has international experience, national team experience, and MLS experience. Not the fastest cat but knows how to move the ball fast. A leader in the field. … He completed 83 percent of his assists last season and averaged more than six forward assists per game with an average expected goal assist of 0.26 per game and an expected assist assist rate of 0.18.

Justin Meram

position: the ward.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $500,000 with Real Salt Lake.

Omar: 33.

Impressions/starts of 2021: 31/15.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 295/201.

Goals / Assists: 48/44.

Notes: He is debating to consider returning to Real Salt Lake. He has experience with the Iraq national team as well as extensive experience within MLS, including with Atlanta United.

why? He provides experience, leadership and knows the culture of Atlanta United. The only concern is that Meram, like Ezequiel Barco and Marcelino Moreno, is usually more effective when defenders go one-on-one. I think the team wants more balance with the passing players and the movement.

Daniel Royer

position: across the midline.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $818,750 while with the New York Red Bulls.

Omar: 31.

Impressions/starts of 2021: 15/3.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 127/94.

Goals / Assists: 39/17.

Notes: International experience with previous clubs as well as MLS experience.

why? He knows how to get into good scoring positions. Knows how to help others score. He can pass and move well. However, he’s coming off an injury at the end of the season and he’s making a lot, so those are the concerns.

Clean Roo

position: Midfielder.

Guaranteed salary for the last season: $180,000 while in Seattle.

Omar: 30.

Appearances / beginnings of 2021: 34/24.

Appearances / Career Beginnings: 274/203.

Goals / Assists: 30/45.

Notes: He knows Pineda and Pineda knows him.

Why: He’s very versatile in a similar way to Julian Grisl when he was with Atlanta United. It is inexpensive. He knows what Pineda wants. He is experienced.

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