Missiles thrown, fans invading the pitch and matches abandoned – The Athletic

It’s a cold, dark December evening in southwest Paris, and a home match between Paris Saint-Germain and Nice is less than two hours away.

Under the white canopy over the heated outdoor balcony of the Aux Trois Obus brasserie, near the Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain supporters don puffed jackets and jackets as they are away before the match, their face masks pulled down under their chins as they sip from their beer glasses and pull out their cigarettes. .

At the entrance to the Porte de Saint-Cloud metro station, the ticket seller weaves his way through the crowd. “Cherche des places, qui cherche des places?” (“Are you looking for tickets, who is looking for tickets?”). Furthermore, a hostess wearing a high-visibility orange jacket uses a megaphone to direct fans toward the stadium. In front of a white police car parked in Doctor Paul Michaux’s yard, three male officers stand watching fans stream past.

Near the grounds, the road that runs through the southwest corner of the stadium, Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, is closed to traffic. Via this road, 700 Nice fans who are scheduled to attend the match will arrive at the stadium.

On the corner of the street, where the wide and crowded Avenue de la Porte de Saint-Cloud meets, two hosts in bright yellow jackets turn away any home fans trying to use the road as chops. Nice supporters go through doubles and triples. There are police officers nearby, but the atmosphere is calm.

“That’s cool, so it’s okay,” explains a smiling hostess. If it had been PSG’s archenemy Marseille, or a big Champions League game, there would have been tension in the air.

Although everything was quiet outside the stadium, no opportunities were taken.


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