Mental health worker who scarred man for life when she hurled vodka into crowd is suspended from job

A social worker has been suspended after throwing a man for life when she threw two bottles of vodka into a crowd after her boyfriend launched a drunken brawl in Manchester city centre.

Nicole Perry, 25, who was drinking, was arrested after firing liter bottles in the group within 30 seconds of each other when her partner, Justin Henry, started a brawl at 2 a.m.

One of the bottles shattered Paul Dunn’s head and he had to be taken to hospital with a serious wound to the back of his head. He has since complained of regular migraines and has grown out his hair to cover the scar.

Berry, a master’s graduate from Royton, near Oldham, was celebrating her offer to work as a mental health social worker in a psychiatric unit in Greater Manchester.

She was subsequently sent home with full pay pending a disciplinary investigation into her conduct.

At Crown Court in Manchester, she faced up to five years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm, but was out with a 12-month community order after telling a judge she would lose her job if she went to prison.

Nicole Perry, a social worker (pictured outside court with her mother Suzanne), has been suspended from her job after she scarred a man for life when she threw two bottles of vodka into a crowd.

The attack occurred on March 29, 2019 after Perry and Henry went out to a meal in central Manchester and during the evening he bought her bottles of vodka as a congratulatory gift for her new role.

The problems began at 2.30 am in the city’s Deansgate Locks neighborhood when Henry got into an argument with Mr. Dann who was out to celebrate his friend’s 21st birthday at the Revolution Tavern.

Prosecutor Ms. Rachel Wydecombe said: “Mr. Henry appears to have been involved in a confrontation with about a dozen people while waiting for a cab. He was leaning on the hood of a police car and Mr. Dann called a ‘p***k’ and they approached each other with a tight fist.

Mr. Dunn pushed him back and told him he had chosen the wrong person and then Mr. Henry was punched on the floor and kicked. He was aggressive but was clearly outnumbered and was done by a number of individuals.

He was punched and pushed to the ground where he was repeatedly kicked and trampled. Seeing what was going on, this defendant was trying to secure a cab and then headed towards the melee.

She shot two bottles of vodka with her hand on the heads of those involved. One hit Mr. Dan in the head and blood started to flow from his wound.

Nicole Perry poses with her boyfriend Justin Henry

Nicole Perry

Berry, 25, was defending boyfriend Justin Henry (pictured, left, together) who got into a fight at 2am in Manchester after they spent the night celebrating her new welfare job

He was taken to hospital after sustaining a 3cm laceration in his scalp but was discharged without treatment.

“The defendant made no comment in the interview, but she now admits that her actions were ill-considered, indiscriminate and disproportionate, and therefore not considered a legal defense of someone else.”

In a statement, Dunn said: ‘Since the assault, I have observed frequent migraines.

“I appreciate that people make mistakes but it is important that you take responsibility for your actions.”

In alleviating the matter for Perry, defense attorney Ian Metcalfe said: ‘I reacted to seeing her boyfriend in a stressful and violent situation. Her reaction is instinctive and reactionary, but stupid, reckless and random.

Mr. Metcalf added: “This is one event that was completely reckless and distinctive in its way. Her long-standing aspiration to become a social worker will be in vain. I would urge the Court to show her humane face and give this woman one last chance. It was clearly out of character. profile.

Berry received a 12-month community order at Manchester Crown Court (pictured)

Berry received a 12-month community order at Manchester Crown Court (pictured)

Judge Mr Recorder Jeremy Lasker said in sentencing Berry: “It was bad, stupid, reckless and dangerous.

Not sure what you meant, but it caused a severe injury to the crown of Paul Dunn’s head, leaving a permanent scar on him. It caused him to change his appearance and gave him a migraine.

You acted on the motive of the moment and it was out of character for you. It was a scary situation that wasn’t of your making. You have no history of violence, have a degree and MA in social work, and work in a hospital in Tamside as a mental health practitioner. You have worked in a dementia care unit in a nursing home for five years and you have a good reputation.

The victim was completely innocent and suffered a permanent head injury..but I accept that you showed genuine remorse and showed a great degree of insight in your reckless actions on the night in question. I will impose a penalty that reduces the chance of losing your job.

If I thought your bottle had hit an attacker, I wouldn’t get any compensation, but Paul Dunn was completely innocent.

Berry was also ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work, 15 days of rehabilitation requirements and a 60-day alcohol control program.

She was also ordered to pay compensation of £750 to Mr Dunn in addition to costs of £350. Henry pleaded guilty to the offense of drunkenness and disorder at a previous hearing.


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