Mental health day off recommended by Augusta committee

Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The proposal made some of the commissioners puzzled.

“I’m going to listen to the explanation to find out why we need a mental health day,” Pro-Tem Mayor Bobby Williams said.

City Manager Odi Donald is proposing a Mental Health Day due to the pressures on the city’s workforce during the 20-month pandemic.

“Allowing them to, you know, a little bit of freedom. It’s kind of a little stretchy in the middle of this marathon we’re in inside the pandemic,” Donald said.

The proposed relief, a holiday on December 22, the day before the already scheduled Christmas holiday in the city.

“Take some time to relax, calm yourself, reset your mind, and just help the health of our employees,” Commissioner Dennis Williams said.

But some commissioners say what about taxpayers who pay for city services.

“I’m not sure giving a day off is exactly the message we should be sending to our citizens,” Commissioner Brandon Garrett said.

“I believe that Augusta citizens also deserve a mental health day, so let’s take and divide their property taxes by three hundred and sixty-five and deduct that from their property taxes for their mental day,” Commissioner John Clark said.

The commission recommends not skimping on when it comes to extra time at Christmas in Augusta.

If the full commission continues next week, essential employees who must work on February 22nd will have until February to select another day off.


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