Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wins latest court battle with Mail on Sunday publisher

A British court on Thursday rejected an appeal by Associated Newspapers Limited against an earlier ruling that the Duchess had a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to a letter she sent to her father Thomas Markle in August 2018.

Meghan sued ANL after the Mail on Sunday reproduced portions of the private letter.

ANL and The Mail on Sunday said earlier that they stood by the decision to release excerpts of the handwritten letter and would defend the case vigorously.

In a statement on Thursday, Meghan celebrated the ruling and outlined her hopes it would help transform the UK newspaper industry. ANL also publishes the Daily Mail, Britain’s largest tabloid newspaper.

“This is a victory not only for me, but for anyone who has ever felt afraid to stand up for what’s right,” the statement read.

“While this win sets a precedent, what’s more important is that we are now collectively brave enough to reshape the tabloid industry that makes people cruel, profiting from the lies and pain they create.”

The duchess won a privacy suit against ANL in February when a judge ruled “that the disclosures were manifestly excessive and therefore unlawful”, and that “there would be no possibility that a different ruling could be reached after trial”.

However, ANL appealed the ruling and lobbied for a trial.

In her statement Thursday, Meghan criticized the publisher for extending the lawsuit and “making a straight case extraordinarily complex in order to generate more headlines and sell more newspapers – a model that rewards chaos above truth.”

“In the nearly three years since it started, I’ve been patient in the face of deception, intimidation and calculated attacks,” she said.

“Today, the courts have ruled in my favour – again – confirming that The Mail on Sunday, owned by Lord Jonathan Rothermere, has broken the law.”

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