Master P Seeks Single Status a Decade After He and Estranged Wife Sonya Miller Separated and Filed for Divorce

master b Ready to be recognized as a legal single man after years of separating from his estranged wife, Sonia Miller.

Miller, the founder and CEO of No Limit Records, married in 1989, but they have separated since 2010. Miller, who is the mother of the couple’s seven children, filed for divorce in 2013, but this is about the legal separation process. gone so far.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – MAY 3: Percy “Master P” Miller attended the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala on May 3, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage)

According to TMZ, Master P has reportedly filed court documents requesting that he and Miller be considered legally single through a process known as a forked divorce. If the court grants individual status, both parties will be able to handle separation issues such as alimony, division of assets and parental custody agreements at a later date.

The demise of the couple’s relationship – partly due to Miller’s alleged drug and alcohol use – has occasionally occurred in public, finding their children caught in the crossfire. In a public statement addressing their separation in 2014, Master P said, “I am taking good care of all my children, all of their needs are being met in abundance. I come from the ghetto, she changed my life but she doesn’t want to grow up with me so we are not together.”

That same year, the music business mogul lost custody of four of his sons — Hersey, Mercy, Titiana and Italia — to Miller after failing to appear before a custody hearing. He was also ordered to pay Miller’s $75,000 statutory bill. Hersey, 19, and Mercy, 16, are both burgeoning basketball stars who, in recent years, seem to be under the care of their father. Miller’s allegations in divorce filings reveal that she is seeking monetary compensation for her role in helping “Make Em Say Ugh” rapper amass a fortune of $200 million through his record label. In the past, the rapper has been sued for 40 percent of physical “community assets” such as cars and homes.

Even the former couple’s eldest son, Romeo Miller, found himself in the face of his mother’s disdain. In 2015, she sued Romeo, claiming he was a pawn in a scheme to hide his father’s assets. Romeo, 28, shared on social media that he had been served. “I haven’t spoken to my mother in months because of the advice she received from her lawyer,” he wrote.

“It’s bad because the only reason I worked so hard was to make my mother proud.” This public feud was among the last fans to hear about the pair’s ongoing problems, leaving news of Master P seeking a single case baffling for those who had forgotten he was married.

Some commented on social media: “What makes them say ah this???,” and “FREE COREY MILLER.” Others suggested that Mr. P cut his financial losses and proceeded to divorce once and for all.

“Pay that woman and move on, sir,” and “Divorce. It’s called divorce. My master just completes the process and stops trying to reinvent the wheel.”

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