Marques Houston And His 21-Year-Old Wife Welcomed Their First Child

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The Marquis of Houston became a father. The sister sister The star and his wife, 21-year-old Mia Houston, welcomed their first child together on December 2, a daughter named Zara.

“Mia chose the name Zara because she felt it was strange. [There was] There is no special reason,” said Houston us weekly.She just wanted our girl to have a memorable name that wasn’t the regular name. It still seems surreal, like, it’s not yet decided that we’re actually not just sitting one of our friends’ kids. But not getting any sleep definitely reminds us that we are now parents.”

Houston, 40, also sent a sweet message to his wife after she gave birth.

“Beauty is in rare form,” he captioned a photo of Mia Houston while sporting her baby bump. “Such a child is a blessing from Jehovah. A woman’s body is such an amazing creation to be able to carry a full human. I love you Mia, my wife, my rock, my baby mama 🥰 Watching you carry our baby was nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Jehovah for our blessing! “

The Houston family was vigilant about the expectation of their first child and only broke the news after Houston was born. The last time they were open about their relationship, they were defending it after receiving a lot of criticism about the 20 year age difference. The “That Girl” singer explained that she didn’t start dating until she came of age.

“Mia and I didn’t start dating until she was an adult. We fell in love and got engaged in March 2019,” he wrote on Instagram in June 2020. “My dad Michael loves her, and the people closest to them love her too. Most importantly we have Jehovah’s blessing 😁 There is so much more to It should be taken care of in the world, more than stirring up rumors about me.”

They tied the knot in August 2020.

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