Managing your mental health during the holidays

Chicago (WLS) – Vacations can be stressful for all Americans, especially those dealing with their mental health.

Large gatherings, parties, social events, and the pandemic have created a need for everyone to commute on the holidays.

Start with a positive mindset and leave things behind.

– Wrap around your triggers.

Slow down your emotional responses and take time to see the bigger picture.

Stop the old causes of conflict and see the change and potential growth that may have occurred.

Avoid holes (hot buttons) for conversation (politics, religion, hot button issues).

-Take the scenic route. If you need to get up from the table and walk outside, do it!

Revisit the old memories, but only the good ones!

Decode the following words from your holiday vocabulary: why, but, and should.

Bring your best!

You can also get help with many resources in Chicago.

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