Little Village Erikson Institute Center opens to public for in-person mental health support for families

CHICAGO (WLS) – Although the Ericsson Institute Children and Families Center celebrated its grand opening in 2019, the clinic has remained closed to the public due to the pandemic. Now finally open for personal services.

The center hopes to change the stigma around mental health in the Latino community.

“I know as a Latino immigrant, there is a huge stigma around mental health in the Latino community,” said Dr. Mariana Soto-Manning, president of the Ericsson Institute. “We need to get over that.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders begin in early childhood. The American Psychological Association found that many children experience poor mental health outcomes based on their socioeconomic disadvantage, racial or ethnic minority status, or immigrant status.

“Our children need access to early intervention services. They need to be diagnosed early,” Soto Manning said.

Alderman Michael Rodriguez said the pandemic has had a major impact on the mental health of the children and families in his ward.

“We’ve had a huge loss of income, jobs and lives, and to have this kind of resource here to build our community is invaluable,” he said.

Their services include crisis intervention, parent-child treatment, and clinical evaluations.

Several small village community groups said they are looking forward to partnering with this mental health center.

“We are very proud of our ability to refer patients to tell people that the Erikson Institute is here in Little Village,” said Katja Nock, CEO of Enlace Chicago.

The center accepts most major insurance companies and Medicaid. They have options available to people who do not have insurance.

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