Lionel Messi ‘ordered to demolish’ luxury Barcelona hotel after £26m oversight

Lionel Messi won his seventh Ballon d’Or, on Monday, but the Paris Saint-Germain star’s week took a turn for the worse after it was reported that his Barcelona hotel had a court order demolished.

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Lionel Messi wins seventh Ballon d’Or: Darren Wells reports

Lionel Messi’s record-breaking week appears to have ended on a very bad and expensive note.

The 34-year-old won his seventh Ballon d’Or in Paris on Monday, although he soon received bad news from his former home.

Messi’s four-star hotel in Barcelona was reportedly slapped with a court order to demolish it.

El Confidencial claims that the 77-bedroom Argentinean building does not meet city standards.

MiM Sitges is located near where Messi used to live while he traded at the Camp Nou.

Messi also owns hotels in Ibiza and Mallorca through the Majestic Hotel Group and spent £26m on accommodation in Barcelona in 2017.

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Messi spent £26m on MiM Sitges in Barcelona in 2017


Internet photo/”MiM Sitges” four star)

But the report from Spain states that the star bought the hotel without realizing that Sitges Town Hall had already ordered its demolition due to non-compliance with building codes.

The hotel balconies are thought to be quite large, but the building could collapse if it were downsized or torn down.

Not only that, but the fire contingency plan also failed to meet the authorities’ standards.

It is understood that Messi had just learned of the demolition order when contacted by the Spanish newspaper for comment, which he and his representatives relayed.

The hotel has been praised for its approach to sustainability, with 80% of the materials used in the building’s construction having been reused or recycled.

Furthermore, it has large tanks that collect wastewater from each shower and then filter it for use in restrooms and watering stations.

Messi is now based in Paris, having emotionally left Barcelona after 21 years in August.

Since signing, the Paris Saint-Germain forward has struggled on the field for his lofty standards, scoring just one goal in the first division, but Monday’s award ceremony was an unparalleled high point in his trophy-laden career.

Some fans now believe that Messi’s new record makes him the greatest player ever.

Rooms at Messi’s 77-bedroom cost around £105 per night


Internet photo/”MiM Sitges” four star)

But the man himself seems less concerned about the label, as he told France Football via AS: “I’ve never said I’m the best in history nor am I trying to push that perception myself.

“For me, considering others to be among the best in history is more than enough.

“It’s something I would never have imagined. It’s something I don’t care about, and it doesn’t change anything whether I’m better or not.”

“And I never wanted to.”

Messi’s recent Ballon d’Or win is arguably the most controversial, narrowly beating Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski.

Messi’s week began with his seventh Ballon d’Or


AFP via Getty Images)

But in a classy way, the winner paid tribute to his close rival, who was the favorite to win in 2020 before the award was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, during his acceptance speech.

“I also want to tell Robert that it was an honor to fight against him,” Messi said.

“I think you deserve the Ballon d’Or.

“Last year everyone agreed that you were the winner and I think French football should give you the Ballon d’Or you deserve and get it as you deserve it.”

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