Libido diet: The 5 foods to boost your sex drive

Just as some foods strengthen your sex drive, ultra-processed junk food and fiber-rich foods are mood killers.

Christiana said: “Processed food typically contains high amounts of added sugars and saturated fat.

“This can contribute to inflammation and decrease blood flow, which could lead to erectile dysfunction.

“Fibre-rich foods, including broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, are great for overall health, but, if you are not used to a high fiber diet, excessive intake can lead to extra gas and bloating – not a recipe for romance !”

More research is needed before drawing any solid conclusions about food and sex drive because there are multiple factors that impact our physical and mental health, rather than one single nutrient or food.

However, a varied and balanced diet in line with your energy requirement is key for overall health and your sex drive.

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