Leroy Sane touts Bayern Munich’s patience during 4-0 win over VfL Wolfsburg

Bayern Munich finished 2021 in style with a big 4-0 victory over Wolfsburg, just three days after beating its guest Stuttgart 5-0 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The score streak probably didn’t do Wolfsburg’s discipline and flexibility enough justice, as they really made Bayern work for it for most of the first half, but Bayern’s attack, once again, proved too much for their opponents to handle. Thomas Muller broke the scoring in the seventh minute in his 400th appearance in the Bundesliga with Bayern, but Wolfsburg responded well to the relegation and did not give Bayern much space in the attacking third. Dayot Upamecano’s second-half goalscorer Leroy Sane sealed the Bayern deal, ending what had been an extraordinary year.

Sane put in another strong performance, and after the match he spoke of how seriously Bayern are working exceptionally hard to break down Wolfsburg’s defensive blocks with minimal spaces between the lines. After Muller’s opening game, they had already set up shop and were looking to catch Bayern on the counterattack when one, or both, Upamecano and Lucas Hernandez were pressured up the field. “It was very difficult in the first half. We tried to put pressure on the ball. The goal was good for us of course. We definitely have to be patient. We know teams are lining up at the back. That’s when we have to break them up,” Sane (Tz) explained.

Sane had an astonishing similarity to Arjen Robben with his precise goal in the 59th minute to make it 3-0 for Bayern, cutting right to his left foot and kicking his chance into the bottom right corner of Koen Casteels’ net. Serge Gnabry’s clever pass, for the first time after Benjamin Pavard played wide in front of him, found Sane enough room for the opportunity, truly capping in style what has been a fantastic comeback this season from Sane. It wasn’t long before he was booed at the Allianz Arena during the first half of the 3-2 win over FC Cologne. He’s been one of Bayern Munich’s best players ever since, but he doesn’t completely agree that he’s the best overall at first round. “I wouldn’t say that (the best first round player), there are a few other players who have played great. Of course I am happy with my progress. But now we have some relief. There I can also mentally stop something,” he said.

Sany’s goal:

Bayern are coming off a winning streak of seven matches in all competitions and have hit a steady level in solid form to close out the match. first round and calendar year. While momentum is certainly important, the winter vacation She couldn’t have come at a better time with the number of matches they were playing in quick succession. Overall, within the team, Sane said the mood is good and morale is high with the holiday season approaching. “We’re on our way to winning. We can be happy with the performance and the first round. It’s fun to kick with the guys. You can see that from the outside too, I think.”

Looking back, returning from a knee injury along with a pause in matches due to the pandemic has not made life any easier for Sane in his first season at Bayern after joining from Manchester City. Now, he said he feels fully fit and shoots all cylinders, which has been a huge help to Julian Nagelsmann and the rest of his teammates. “I feel good physically now, I’m fit. I didn’t feel very comfortable in my body last season after the long injury. And after that we didn’t have a game because of Corona. The club, the coach, the team – all behind you. It feels good but in the end “They can all talk and do it. But the player has to deal with it himself. I tried to get the rhythm back. Julian (Nagelsmann) also had a good hand. He said, ‘He reads the players very well.'”

Photo by Stefan Matzke – Sampix/Corbis via Getty Images

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