Lady Gaga Talks Bringing ‘The Darkness’ Home With Her After House Of Gucci Role And How She Protected Her Mental Health

Lady Gaga has always been an intense artist. Whether that means she appears in a flesh dress on the red carpet, Learn a detailed dance For a song or giving it a role, talent really goes into its work. Gucci House Seemingly the ultimate example of this was like The actress is committed to embodying Patricia Reggiani, a woman best known for spending 18 years in prison for hiring the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci.

follow it He is known for his leadership role in A star is bornLady Gaga took on another heavy duty role Ridley Scott movie. while talking to diverse, the actress opened up about playing the role, sharing this:

I brought darkness home with me because her life was dark. …I had a psychiatrist with me towards the end of filming. I kind of felt like I had to. It felt safer for me.

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