Kirsten Dunst Was Told To Fix Her Teeth By Producers

“You made me feel beautiful for who I am.”

You might also know that she’s worked with acclaimed director Sofia Coppola three times now – starting with Virgin suicide from 1999.

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Dunst also starred in the movie Coppola Marie Antoinette In 2006, as well as its remake of the protesters in 2017.

In a retrospective interview Shared by NetflixDunst has opened up about how working with Coppola gave her her confidence because others in Hollywood were hurting her sense of self-image.

Kirsten Dunst’s work has attracted audiences around the world for nearly 30 years. The Power of the Dog star remembers some of her best movies – such as Interview with the Vampire, Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous and more

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while talking about Virgin suicideDunst said that working with Coppola was “the first time I’ve seen, like, a beautiful woman, and being a woman who gave me that.”

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“It was very possible for me at that age in terms of the way I felt about myself and my beauty,” she continued, while describing her age at the time as a “strange age” to be subjected to unbelievable Hollywood scrutiny.

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“[Coppola] It gave me a lot of confidence I’ve had throughout my career in terms of producers wanting to fix my teeth. People are just trying to change and manipulate young actresses in a way that makes them look alike. “

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“She made me feel beautiful for who I am. It was a very pivotal time in my life to feel this way and give that.”

Paramount Classics / Courtesy Everett Collection

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