Kim Kardashian Reveals Advice From Mason Disick About Keeping North Safe On TikTok

Despite Kim’s short annoyance, she and North quickly resumed posting on their joint account on TikTok to their 2.3 million followers, with several new videos shared since then.

One person commented, in a clip retweeted from the live broadcast, that “showing their house is dangerous” and that North “should be [off] Social media for [a] While.”

“Kim needs to take that phone off for a while as a punishment. She knows she is not allowed to go to live broadcasts and especially to walk around her house but she did it anyway,” read another comment.

Another echoed, “Kim should ban North from tiktok for a while or just like keeping a close eye on him.”

“I did the exact same thing as she did,” he continued in writing. “I was going to live a life and now I’m sorry for saying one of the things I said.”

Perhaps most remembered was that Mason directly closed a Common that has long been circulating about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship – something that would usually have been a plot that was revealed keeping up with the Kardashians.

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