Keira Knightley’s Dress Split In Half Before A Red Carpet

“I went out the door and slashed from the bottom up.”

Keira Knightley almost had a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction, in front of the paparazzi!

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The actress explained that she had been preparing “for years” for the British Independent Film Awards, and just before leaving her house, her dress had split in half.

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“I was wearing a Hervé Léger dress, one of those dresses with bandages. I went out the door and split from the bottom up – my whole body was outside,” Keira told People.

She continued, “It was just a plump, naked body. So it was a real moment to go, ‘I think the dress was too small.'”

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Keira pointed out that this happened at a time when the paparazzi were constantly following her, almost getting a glimpse of the whole thing.

“It was at a point where several paparazzi were following me. Luckily, I was in my apartment, and I wasn’t outside the front door, so no one got a picture of the fact that this dress had split,” said Keira.

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Thankfully, Hervé Léger delivered two dresses, and she was able to change up before she hit the red carpet.

“Thank God [didn’t] It happened on the red carpet because it could have happened at any time that evening and I was incredibly lucky to have it happen when it happened,” concluded Keira.

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