Katherine Schwarzenegger Shows Baby Bump After Baby No. 2 News

The actor also spoke about fatherhood, saying, “It’s really beautiful. I think having a second child really underscores what was unique about your first child because when you have one child, you take all of their growth and development for granted. You just assume that all kids with these way”.

Chris explained how turning into #geraldad slightly changed his approach to parenting.

“Maybe her reaction is a little different. I’m not as rough as I did. I kind of want to cuddle them,” he said, adding the only thing that stayed the same. “The great common denominator is just a kind of this indomitable desire to want to be close to them, to be by their side, to protect and love them. It’s the best.”

In May, Katherine gushed about Kris’s parenting skills, saying Drew Barrymore On her eponymous talk show, “It’s so nice to be able to watch him enter this new role of being a dad. He’s the best husband and the best dad. I feel so grateful for him every day.”

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