Kate Hudson says she has tough skin after dealing with an absent father

Kate Hudson got real about orphan influences.

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old actress appeared on Jessica Alba’s YouTube channel to talk about Alba’s Honest cosmetics products and Hudson’s fitness routine, with Hudson noting that she was preparing to shoot a movie. knives out 2.

“I haven’t kicked in my sport in years. I turned 42 and said, ‘Huh, this is getting a little harder to get things back the way I like them.'” ‘ So I thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to make it better than it was,’ Hudson explained.

Then, during a talk about fame and facing rejection in Hollywood, Kate admitted that she has rough skin after dealing with the absence of her famous father, Bill Hudson.

“I feel like I’ve dealt with the worst rejection possible, and nothing more is getting worse,” she admitted. “When you grow up and there’s no dad around, and I think a lot of people who’ve tried that know exactly what I’m talking about. Like, my skin is so tough because there’s nothing that could turn me down more than I had to work through when I was a little kid.”

Although she may not be in a close relationship with her biological father, she was very close to her mother’s longtime partner, Goldie Hawn, actor Kurt Russell. Over the years, Kate has been open about her lack of a relationship with Bill. On an episode of the podcast Sibling rivalryWhich she hosts with her brother Oliver, noted that “unfortunately estrangement is very common”.

“I think it’s important for people to talk about it. If they can’t reconnect or if it’s too hard, that’s okay, right? … I look at my dad and I’m like, ‘You know, love never went to Anywhere. He has always been there, regardless of these complications. And healing is… subjective, and I think sometimes people just need to hear that they’re not alone in it,” Kate said. I have a big family. I have a beautiful mother. I have my stepfather who stepped in and played a big, big part in sharing what it means to have a dependable father figure in our lives.”

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