Kanye’s “Thanksgiving Prayer” Discusses Religion, Mental Health

Even in a year of Kanye West’s amazing adventures (Westcapades?), it’d be hard to imagine Yeezy taking it easy as 2021 comes to an end. Even with Christmas Jesus still ahead, she just dropped a “Prayer of Thanksgiving,” a hymn of sorts of five minutes.

Thanksgiving is a very special day for Kanye, remember – he released his video for the Chick-Fil-A song, “Closed on Sunday” on Thanksgiving of 2019.

But, this time, he went the extra mile with a lengthy “Prayer of Thanksgiving.” Perhaps he was making up for the holiday season he missed last year after wasting time and money on his failed presidential run.

Clocking in at just over five minutes, “thanksgiving” is a spoken confession delivered atop the tunes of the Sunday service choir that swell and recede, accompanied by shots of shadow-clad singers and characters.

“This is a super, marvelous, super long thank-you prayer,” West begins. “This Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful to my family, my family, my blood, my fans and our haters. We love you too.”

There was still some Trumpian “dragon energy” in Yi, clearly.

“All I think about every day is how to get my family back together and how to heal the pain I’ve caused. I take responsibility for my actions. New word alert: misbehavior.”

Yeezy then lists several personal shortcomings, such as his addiction to alcohol, his unwillingness to stay on his bipolar medication and even his “good Christian behaviour,” which were heightened by “being rich and famous and very, very, very, very attractive.”

I have to admit that Kanye shows impressive self-awareness (to him), such as when he admits that he’s ’embarrassing’. [his] wife” by running for president.

However, there are shades of old Yeezy’s authoritarianism, such as when he claimed his “non-alignment with Hollywood’s political stance” made his family a “target,” as if the only problem with his MAGA hat was that it brought in some bad press.

Ostensibly, the Thanksgiving Prayer is clearly meant to read like the moment a mask of solemnity was taken off Kanye, as if the famously volatile rapper had dropped his defenses for a serious statement. But the whole thing is falling apart in the face of even light scrutiny.

Certainly, in light of the fair confessions offered in “A Prayer of Thanksgiving,” there’s something to be said for Kanye’s upcoming Drake concert, a charitable endeavor that demonstrates his compassionate side — and arguably, the only consistent side of Kanye.

However, there is a lot to be said for his staunch support for Marilyn Manson and other wretched ones, as if it was a good idea to defend corrupt criminals from the specter of the so-called “abolition culture”.

‘Thanksgiving’ is truly a transparent plea for Kim to reconsider their distance, to Kanye’s fanatical companions to devote themselves doubly, and his ‘haters’ to reconsider their criticisms.

Not only is “Prayer of Thanksgiving” lacking in acknowledgments of error, but this adorable and sweet video is overkill.

These belated apologies to his family and fans seem like an afterthought, as if this were the kind of soul-searching a Christian celebrity would have to do on holiday.

Nobody faults Kanye for struggling with mental health or drugs. He says and does terrible, even mischievous things and rarely undoes them without qualifying, if at all.

By the end of the video, Kanye promised to hold himself accountable in the future. It promises a better job for everyone. I’ll believe it when I see it.

“Thanksgiving” is a sweet sentiment, which Kanye fully welcomes, but nonetheless empty.

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