Kanye West Talks Family And Mental Health In 5-Minute Thanksgiving Prayer

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Kanye West continues to share his hope that he and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian will succeed

Like other celebrities, Kanye West, who has officially changed his name to “Ye,” took to Instagram on Thanksgiving to talk not only about what he’s grateful for this year, but about his mental health, finances, and everything in between. The rapper has been vocal about his desire to get his family back together, and has taken responsibility for certain actions and habits that he believes have led to tensions in his relationship not only with Kim, but with his children.

“All I think about every day is how to get my family back together and how to handle the pain I’ve caused. I take responsibility for my actions. New word alert: mistakes.” He then goes into detail about said malpractice, including excessive alcohol and my ego” They tend to cross the threshold of stimulation and amusement into mere arrogance,” noting that there are “ways to show confidence without arrogance.” He didn’t address the elephant in the room, aka the fact that Kim appeared to be dating SNL’s Pete Davidson.

The extended prayer came a day after Yi posted an Instagram story of him with Kim kissing her — and tagging it, of course.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Yi posted this photo of him and his estranged wife kissing each other. He didn’t try to hide a secret when he flagged it down either.

Before the story was published, West posted a video of himself talking about his family during a charity event in Los Angeles. He admitted to making mistakes as a husband, but also indicated that he wouldn’t let E! And Hulu and Disney “written the story” of his family. “The narrative God wants is for you to see that everything can be replaced in all of these relationships,” he said to thunderous applause.

“If the enemy manages to separate Kimye, there will be millions of families who feel that this separation is OK… but when God brings Kimye together, there will be millions of families that will be affected to see that they can overcome the work on the separation, the shock that Satan used to keep People are in misery as homeless people skip to the Gucci store.

Kim hasn’t responded publicly to any of Ye’s latest comments about their relationship, but others were quick to chime in in their support. Khloe Kardashian commented “❤️❤️❤️” below my Thanksgiving prayer for me, adding to the confusion of the situation. At the end of the day, hopefully all the best happens to everyone in the family — Kim, the kids, and yes, even Yi.

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