Kaitlyn Bristowe Says Tayshia Was Upset Filming the Men Tell All

We didn’t really need any more clues as to what absolute pro Tayshia Adams was, but Kaitlyn Bristowe gave us some anyway. Caitlin offered a little behind-the-scenes info on how Taisha, who announced her split from (now ex) fiancé Zack Clark less than a month ago, was doing when the cameras weren’t rolling during BacheloretteGuys tell everything special.

Spoiler alert: Tayshia was struggling. Much. (But this is a very normal human reaction to the end of a serious relationship, so, you know, this more than fair).

“Taisha, that day, was by herself. I am so proud of her for being so professional and for being able to show up and put a smile on her face and do an amazing job while she shows off,” Caitlin explained while appearing on us weekly‘s Here for the right reasons Audio notation. “I know she was really struggling that day because the news had broken, and she was really upset.”

Kaitlyn also got real about handling Tayshia’s news (or, frankly, any big news) during a televised special like Men Tell All and how easy it can feel to be fake or coaching.

“It’s hard to put something in there that feels, you know, organized or written because you want to work there and make sure it has a voice and is able to talk about it. [and] clarified (per us weekly). “So I was really proud of her, and it was hard to work on because I wanted to put Tayshia’s feelings first.”

And, FWIW, Tayshia’s feelings were pretty much what you’d expect, given the things she’s been dealing with in her personal life. It’s not that fans saw how emotional her reaction was because, as we’ve already seen, she’s always an absolute pro.

“I saw her in the trailer so upset, she had anxiety. And I was like, ‘You don’t have to process this if you don’t want to.'” But I think if you want to have your own voice and be able to, like, just share how you feel, it’s up to you,” Kaitlyn continued. “I mean, at the end of the day, as long as she was—now, I say she was comfortable, she wasn’t comfortable with it—but she wanted to process it. And so we had to put it out there somewhere. Honestly, I was really proud of the way she handled it all. [because] Felt like a real professional.”

So we agree: Taishism is a supporter and pillar of strength in the human form. end of story.

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