Juventus 2 – Bologna 0: Initial reaction and random observations

The concerns were legitimate – not only because the fog at the Renato Dallara stadium was preventing us all from seeing much of what was going on between Juventus and Bologna.

Coming up early and playing well in the first 30 minutes or so, Max Allegri looked like he was ready to do Max Allegri’s things. That is, after Juve got their feet fairly well on the pedal, they eased the pressure and seemed to do the same thing they did last weekend in Venice – relax, absorb the pressure during the 1-0 advance and look to the counterattack. It was, for much of the second half,

Then Juan Cuadrado came to the rescue.

And man, Johnny Square was giving Juventus some breathing room a welcome sight.

Cuadrado’s last slam goal wasn’t the same as the last time he netted, but his gentle swerve-assisted shot in the 69th minute allowed Juventus to score their much-needed second goal against Bologna. Known for scoring in the second half and allowing Juventus to win 2-0 in the final away game in 2021. Combine Juve’s win with Atalanta’s win by Roma, and now the gap between Allegri’s side and Napoli in fourth is narrowing. To a more manageable level – albeit tentatively based on Sunday’s results – five points.

There weren’t many style points with this one.

It’s not quite as if Allegri has set out to get a whole lot of style points.

But the main thing is that three points have been collected, and they will not be in the same position as they were last weekend when they were on the way back to Turin.

This is how Juventus will win at this point. With the best strikers out and the rest of the squad having a lot of fluidity due to injuries and players simply out of their game, Juventus’ bid for wins is basically the only way you feel this team can move forward at the moment. Sure, they’ve now won five of their last seven Serie A games, but it’s not like they’ve been doing so in any impressive way. They’ve had a lot of wins 1-0 or 2-0 – which tells you the defense was solid, but it’s not like they’re having an easy night after an easy night.

At the moment, Juventus need points more than anything else. So if it was a win-win situation like this where you see Juventus walking a tightrope between a 1-0 lead and allowing Bologna to tie the game, that would be the norm, if not already. It’s three points, but we won’t be talking about three weeks from now.

Or at least I think they won. Sometimes it was hard to tell that they were in the field while they were wearing their white kits in the mist. It was not a pleasant experience.

Random thoughts and notes

  • Fog + pre-match flares in the curve = very cool visuals as teams exit the tunnel. See for yourself, people…

Photo by Alessandro Sabatini/Getty Images

  • This is just a totally badass picture and there’s nothing you can say to tell me otherwise. If only the actual viewing experience — like, you know, being able to see what was going on in the field — was as good as that picture above. And I was watching on a 50 inch TV too! (Slight bend, but whatever.)
  • Could this be the start of a good shape for Alvaro Morata? With his goal on Saturday night, that was three times in five games. He assisted Cuadrado’s goal and Morata started doing some things he hadn’t done for the past three months – and that’s what he’s got on the scoring list. Perhaps, just maybe, this is a positive sign. It’s at least better than what we’ve seen for nearly all of October and November.
  • Also, simple numbers don’t necessarily indicate or confirm this, but Matthijs de Ligt was just a weird wall in this game and there’s no other way to describe it. Dude was really good against Bologna. really good.
  • Six Holidays by Leonardo Bonucci. will play.
  • Federico Bernardeschi made another pass – and it was great too. Guess who is now one pass behind Paulo Dybala, captain of the team? That would be Federico Bernardeschi.
  • The match commentator here in the US kept talking about how good Arthur’s game was when he made way for Manuel Locatelli in the second half. I’m still trying to determine if Arthur really has the same quality in the game. Also make it look like. He did some good things, but it’s very hard to see him not doing much with his death. Who knows. Maybe it was fog.
  • Gary Medel – Was an Inter player, always an Inter player. You will never get rid of that stink when you play the way he plays.
  • I hope, I hope Luca Pellegrini has to be sidelined with injury is a big deal. But it certainly didn’t seem like the young Italian was at all complacent in the moments before Alex Sandro joined.
  • Bologna and Juventus were on the shooting chart with 11 each, but the former only put three in the frame. Wojciech Szczesny just had to save a real big time — and man, it was good. It was from a tight angle and Tek played it perfectly and luckily no Bologna player was allowed to bounce to tie things up.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Moise Kean play in a slightly wider position more often. It’s definitely not the 9th prototype, so perhaps playing it at scale is something that will allow it to thrive a bit more. You just wish he could get more than the 21 touches he got against Bologna.
  • This was a Weston McKennie match, and he was very strong in his comeback from injury. He did his usual run, made some good tackles and then got a card for sticking with Morata after Medell & Co abused him. I’ll take it.
  • Very happy that Juventus kept their lead this time. I don’t know what I would have done if Juventus had shot straight into the ocean one weekday and then done the same in the fog the next weekend. December will definitely be a very nervous month, that’s for sure.

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