Jonas Brothers Joe Biden TikTok

The big reveal was iconic…

As we know, celebrities visited the White House to meet with Joe Biden about encouraging the public to get vaccinated.

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Back in July, Olivia Rodrigo took to the podium to urge young people to get vaccinated.

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Now, especially with the increased Delta and Omicron variables, more celebrities are doing their part to spread awareness. Just this week, the Pentatonix group sang “Get Your Booster”:

We can’t be shouting “Get your booster” from the rooftops of the White House, so we asked PTXofficial to do better of us. Find a booster appointment or vaccine near you at

TheWhiteHouse / via Twitter: WhiteHouse

But perhaps the most famous is the Jonas Brothers’ TikTok show at the White House.

The Washington Post/Washington Post via Getty Images

They made their own version of the popular TikTok voice “Bing Bong/Joe Byron”. You have to watch this video to understand their videos:

So, Joe started with “Bing Bong!” Disreputable!

Then Nick said, “Are you vaccinated?!”

They even did the most famous part – “What do you want to tell Joe Byron now?”

Then the big reveal – Joe Byron, aka Joe Biden himself, appears as the one who “films” it all:

It is a cinematic masterpiece. You can watch it all here. For more information about the vaccine, booster, and COVID-19, click here.

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