Jimmie Allen’s 6-Week-Old Daughter Zara Is ‘Doing So Much Better’ amid RSV Hospitalization: ‘Off Oxygen’

Jimmy Allen

Terry White / ACMA2021 / Getty Images

Jimmy Allen’s 6-week-old daughter, Zara James, is on the mend.

And the country singer revealed, Friday, that his newborn daughter, who he shares with wife Alexis Allen, is recovering despite being in the hospital.

Sharing a photo of Zara on her Instagram Story, Jamie wrote, “Zara is not on oxygen and breathes on her own and does much better.”

“I hope she stays that way and can go home soon,” added Best New Artist, Grammy nominee, then added, “Thank you everyone for the week’s wishes, positive energy and prayer.”

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Jimmy Allen's daughter, Zara

Daughter of Jamie Allen Zara

Jimmy Allen / Instagram Daughter of Jamie Allen Zara

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On her Instagram Story page, Alexis, 25, gave an update on her daughter’s health.

“Zara has been struggling with some brutal symptoms of RSV. Our honey is starting to feel like herself again,” she wrote alongside a selfie of Zara cuddled across her chest.

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Lexi Allen's baby

Lexi Allen’s baby

Jimmy Allen / Instagram

Continuing to go into further detail, Alexis then writes that Zara has been “weaned off oxygen for over 12 hours”, and “has not had coughing fits in the last 24 hours.”[s], although it still requires frequent suctioning it is very powerful and in good hands. “

“Thank you to our Nashville pediatrician for diagnosing her on Monday,” added Alexis, who is a registered nurse. “Thank you, Lord, and the EMTs/RTs/Nurses/Doctors we came over to [sic] across these past few days.”

Alexis then posted a longer update on her Instagram, where she shared photos and details from the family’s tough week.

“Time has slowed down for me in the past week. I have been able to be present and more aware of things around me. Never think about the bad days you might have with a child until you are right on those moments. On a Tuesday night I was traveling on the bus Tourist from Nash to be closer to family knowing Jimmy has been working a busy week.I wanted to be closer to him and have that support.Zara had been resting for most of the flight but at around 10pm she woke up having a coughing fit of over 10 minutes. Knowing this was something we had been through before, she decided to turn on the shower and let the steam help her open her airways a bit. She tried suctioning. She rubbed the chest and wrote.

“At 10:30 Zara was unresponsive in my arms and discolored as we frantically ask our drivers to stop and call 911. Longest 15 minutes of my life. My baby was so tired that her muscles just let go. I did everything in the sun to keep her awake. Thankfully it seems to be working. She was soon in the ambulance with oxygen and finally starting to get her color back.”

Alexis continued, “To the three EMTs who saved my daughter’s life. I never got your names, but I am incredibly grateful to you. To the Nurses, Respiratory Therapist and Doctors at U of M Shore Medical & AI DuPont – Thank you for following along to find answers and provide Amazing care for my baby.”

“To my community – thank you, thank you for the love and the outpouring of prayers you’ve given our family, I couldn’t get through this without your messages and support. Jimmie thanks you for showing up and being here for your kids, always. I really don’t know how you do it but you always find a way!”

She added, “Moms and Dads, please follow your gut instinct. I wish I had taken action sooner, but I’m so grateful to take another day to be her mom.”

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Zara’s health ordeal first began after she and her 20-month-old sister, Naomi Petty, fell ill on Sunday. (Jimmy is also the father of son Aden, 7, from a previous relationship.)

In the days that followed, Zara was “transferred” to a local hospital, Jimmy shared Social media Tuesday evening.

“Now thanks to the lazy doctors at a hospital in Tennessee who have just sent our daughter home, our daughter Zara has lost her color, has stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital,” Jamie wrote at the time. “Thanks to the amazing EMT team who brought back Zara’s color, she can breathe [sic] repeatedly. It’s going to be a rough night.”

On Wednesday, Alexis shared a photo of a baby girl in the hospital. “Toughest day of my life,” she wrote on Instagram Story at the time.

“She’s stable but still needs frequent oxygen and suction. She’ll give you an update once Z is healthy and back home with us,” Alexis added. “Thank you so much for all your kind words and prayers. They really mean the world to our family.”

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