Jill Biden axes Melania Trump’s blood trees for restrained Christmas decor | Christmas

AndYou’ve heard the faint hum of All I Want for Christmas Is You, I’ve seen people trade pumpkin spice latte for Starbucks Eggnogs and Jill Biden unveils White House Christmas decor. Yes, Christmas is officially here.

Clinton family shares
The Clintons share a “gift of reading” with 50 kids from Washington in 1999. Photo: Uniform News/Rex/Shutterstock

It follows seasonal protocol: since 1889, the White House has marked the beginning of the season with internal changes. JFK’s version of Jackie Lana Del Rey and other fans of the Americana classic gave life inspiration, Lady Bird Johnson went “peace and love” in 1967 by laying a wreath on her flowers, and Reagan gave her ’80s glamor by allowing Mr. T to co-star in photography as Santa (JR of Dallas did the tribute the following year) and Hillary Clinton memorably thrown everything on her tree in classic achievement style.

Melania Trump parades a blood red tree in 2018.
Melania Trump parades a blood red tree in 2018. Photography: Andrea Hanks/Planet Pics/Zuma Wire/Rex/Shutterstock

But she did not have the words “Decorate the halls!” It looked just as dangerous as when Melania Trump became the chief of staff for Christmas decorating. blood tree (Twitter never forgets), ivory white sticks that look like witches’ fingers, and enough Christmas lights to suggest a special discount deal with the power grid. Overall bet employment scene Trump was expressing what seemed to be The Handmaid’s Tale meeting the launch of my premium Glaceau smartwater brand in Elsa from Frozen Ice Castle.

One of the White House fireplaces, with Christmas decorations during a White House press preview.
One of the White House fireplaces, with Christmas decorations during a White House press preview. Photo: Jill Biden/Twitter/Zuma PressWire/Rex/Shutterstock

Jill Biden has gone too far by comparison. The theme is “gifts from the heart”. And if that sounds like the name Celine Dion Sings the Seasonal Classics, well, you’re right. Biden was inspired by people she met while her husband was campaigning, according to the Associated Press. There are gingerbread white house dioramas, and candy cane socks apparently sized to fit a baby elephant’s foot and tree. Well, the tree comes alive, with white tinsel wrapped around it to look like a white peace pigeon. He is polite. It is safe. And after four years of hell, it’s just Terrain.

However, there is certainly a wave of nausea when one looks at the gold-coated leaves adoring the tree in light of the great unemployment and resignation numbers.

What's in the box?
What’s in the box? Photo: Jill Biden/Twitter/Zuma PressWire/Rex/Shutterstock

However, the important question we have is: With all the supply chain issues, what exactly is in those big red boxes?

With Omicron potentially becoming the Grinch who stole Christmas (again), perhaps these images should be considered placeholders in ordinary time. With the usual date of Christmas set to begin sometime in 2025. Now, let’s all hang our collective beliefs and stare at those giant socks again.

For a full look at Jill Biden’s Christmas decorations, click here.

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