Jealous boyfriend, 21, who ‘fat shamed’ teenage girl and bullied her into sex is freed – after claiming he developed mental health problems while in jail for terrorising ANOTHER girlfriend

A bossy friend who beat, hit, and harassed a teenage girl for having sex has been released after claiming he developed psychological problems while in prison for terrorizing another girlfriend.

Callum Whittingham, then 20, slapped the young man saying “he couldn’t help it”, tried to keep the teen away from his friends and told her her family didn’t love her anymore.

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During their on-and-off relationship, Whittingham would leave voicemail messages on the girl’s phone threatening her family, refusing to let her leave his house alone and on one occasion, placing a hot spoon on her chest.

The young man, who has since split from Whittingham and has a new boyfriend, later told police: ‘The way Calum made me feel really affected me. I didn’t leave my house for fear of bumping into him.’

Callum Whittingham

“I have nightmares and wake up panicked. Now I wince when my new boyfriend moves on and it makes me depressed. I’m scared of Callum.”

In Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Whittingham, now 21, of Elizabeth Close, Stretford who was being held on remand in custody after pleading guilty to two counts of coercive conduct.

But he was released with an 18-month prison sentence suspended for two years after he said a nine-week period was imposed on him in August due to another domestic incident with another partner that had a “negative effect on his depression”.

The court heard Whittingham and the girl started dating this year.

“They were talking on social media and going on dates,” said David Lees, the attorney general.

At first it goes well but she starts to notice that he doesn’t like being with her friends.

He was assaulting her and said he couldn’t help her. He said her friends weren’t really her friends and told her that her family didn’t like her and she started to believe it.

Callum Whittingham has been released from Crown Menshall Street Court in Manchester

“He was threatening to hurt himself if she refrained from seeing him, calling her ‘mischief’ and saying she was ‘fat.’ He would also say he had been with other women and then accuse her of cheating.

On one occasion, he chased her on the tram and assaulted her because she laughed while they were on the phone. She didn’t feel like she had a choice to leave him because it made her feel uncomfortable. He said: What I told you about the phone, then he hit her.

He harassed her to have sex with him until she agreed. He was leaving voicemails and threatening her family. They broke up and got back together… and she went to stay at his house but the relationship got back to how it was.

She was not allowed to leave the house alone. On one occasion, he placed a hot spoon on her chest. He accepts that he used violence, but not on a daily basis. He accepts that he will slap her but does not kick her. He does not accept any death threats but accepts that he assaulted the victim but did not use a weapon and did not drag her to the ground.

Whittingham was jailed in August for making malicious contacts against a former partner and causing criminal harm in a home relationship.

Callum Whittingham bullied the 16-year-old into having sex

Defense attorney Adam Brown said in the mitigation case: “He has a great many difficulties and has found it difficult to place a custodian. Returning him to custody would accomplish nothing in my respectful submission. He cannot manage his emotions.”

“His mother died when he was 16 and his adoptive father died when he was 17. He was living in a foster home and was looked after. He would be left in a situation where he would be homeless if he was sent into custody because his accommodations were running out.

He agrees that the victim was just a little girl and he made her life miserable. But foster care had a negative effect on his depression. There is a strong potential for rehabilitation.”

Judge Maurice Greene Whittingham said: “It made the victim’s life miserable and scared because she didn’t know what was going on at the time. I slapped her, called her names, and kept her from seeing her friends.

You said there was no one she could count on but you, and that you would threaten to hurt yourself if she didn’t meet you. You followed her on the tram and hit and attacked her for laughing on the phone and she didn’t feel like she could leave you.

You would slap her and be jealous of anyone you texted with a kiss. When disturbed, she hits her in the face and there is a constant fear of violence. You made her feel like she couldn’t leave the house and she was afraid she might bump into you.

She has a new boyfriend but she cringes when he moves on. Your behavior was intended to provoke fear and distress, and he was persistent.

“But obviously you have had a major trauma in your life and you have psychological issues. Your adoptive father died when you were 17 and your mother died when you were 16. You have been diagnosed with ADHD and you are taking medication for depression and anxiety.

“Custody has had a huge impact on you. In August 2021, you were sentenced to nine weeks in adult custody and that had an impact on your mental health. There have been previous instances of self-harm. Because of these matters, I can suspend this prison sentence but only.”

Whittingham was also required to complete 45 days of rehab requirements, a “Building Better Relationships” program as well as 80 hours of unpaid work. He was banned from contacting the girl for five years.


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