Jana Kramer shares tearful photo after divorce is finalized

Jana Kramer talks about being a single parent during the holidays for the first time. (Photo: David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Jana Kramer is getting real about her divorce.

On Monday, the 38-year-old actress shared several photos to give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her upcoming movie Hallmark. holiday fix, including one in which she is clearly sentimental. In the caption, Kramer admitted that this was the day she was officially a single mother to children Julie Ray, 5, and Jess Joseph, 3, who she shares with ex-husband Mike Kosin.

“This was one of the hardest days behind the scenes. The call. It happened on July 22. I got an official call that I was divorced,” Kramer recalls. β€œ20 minutes before my reception. I knew the day would come but no one really prepares you for how it will affect you when you are told that you are officially divorced. My dream of what I want for children and family officially has been shattered at this moment. But I also had work to do. It was I have to work and be in specific moments later. I took this photo to remind myself that we can do hard things. I also embraced so much love that night why the holiday repair crew became really family. We talked about the day in this week’s podcast and we are joined by @mariamenounos and ryanmcpartlin To remember the good days and the hard days we all go through. And of course some fun behind the scenes moments.”

On the last episode of her podcast Moan falls down with Jana KramerKramer, who she previously shared with Caussin, briefly discussed the challenges of her first officially divorced holiday season, particularly last Thanksgiving.

β€œIt was very difficult. I get people [who say], “It’s just a day”… But for me, it was really hard. And I think only the first things are really hard, but I’m told it gets easier every year. And next year, I have it so that’s good,” Kramer admitted.

Kramer also noted that she has been struggling with the fact that she will have to “ditch” her children on Christmas Day by noon, but is trying to change her mindset to be grateful that she is able to have her children while on that special time.

On Instagram, friends and celebrity fans showed their support and praise of the star for her transparency.

“Proud of you. Xoxo” Previous One Tree Hill His colleague Hilary Burton Morgan commented.

“You were such a professional! Glad we could offer some laughs in the eye of the storm. I can’t wait for everyone to see your performance on Saturday,” holiday fix Co-star Ryan McPartlin praised.

“You are a symbol and an example of courage, love and resilience!” One fan wrote.

Another commenter added, “You are such an example to many women who can connect. Thank you for your transparency. You exude strength.”

The ups and downs of Kramer and Kosen’s relationship have surfaced in the media since their marriage in 2015, with rumors of infidelity leading to a brief split. Kramer announced their divorce in April 2021, after nearly six years of marriage. You’ll partner a parent with Caussin, who will have their children 125 days a year plus $3,200 a month in spousal support. Right before the divorce was finalized in July, Kramer shared an empowering message about his leaving.

“True talk…I once said that leaving is the easy way out. I will forever regret that phrase because leaving is one of the hardest and most painful things. The different stages of sadness, confusion, pain, relief, and happiness throw you up. Stay or leave strong.” You are strong to fight for yourself, you are strong to fight for your marriage. Both are disgusting (can’t find a healing way to say that). But I pray that there is healing and light that you ever choose because I am on the path of finding that too.”

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