Jamie Spears got $40K loan days before Britney conservatorship

A new report revealed that Britney Spears’ father took out a loan of at least $40,000 before she was placed under guardianship in 2008.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Jamie Spears took the money from Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, the embattled business manager, Lou Taylor, at the time his pop star daughter was hospitalized in a forced psychiatric condition.

Days after receiving the loan, while Britney was still in the hospital, Jamie petitioned a California court to take control of the singer’s property and personal affairs, arguing that she was weak and mentally ill.

The judge immediately agreed to Jimmy’s request, and he hired Patriarch Tree Star as manager of Britney’s estate the following year.

It is unclear what Jamie, who has previously filed for bankruptcy, used to obtain the loan.

“It makes me wonder where loyalty lies,” the president of the National Guardianship Society, Anthony Palmieri, told The Times. “Does the custodian make decisions in the interest of the custodian or business manager to whom they owe the debt?

“It smells like a conflict of interest,” Palmieri added.

Taylor’s attorney, Charles Harder, said in a statement that Jimmy eventually “repaid” the “micro loan,” which Harder insisted “had no impact on TriStar’s business of real estate in subsequent years.”

Lou Taylor speaking on the podium.
Business Manager Lou Taylor worked for Britney from 2008 to 2020.
Getty Images for THR

The latest in a series of explosive reports in the Times raises questions about how Jamie, 69, and Taylor, 56, have benefited financially from Britney’s guardianship.

The paper reports that Jamie received an estimated $6 million over 13 years, while Tri Star collected 5 percent of Britney’s “total adjusted entertainment revenue,” which Harder refused to explain the breadth of.

Despite the termination of the guardianship of the 40-year-old Grammy award-winner in November, her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, has continued to struggle to get answers from Jamie and Taylor about why his client’s current net worth is only $60 million as it continued to skyrocket. . Her salaries are for music, concerts, and television appearances.

Britney Spears smiling on the red carpet in a red dress.
Britney’s 13-year maintenance stint ended in November.

Rosengart, the former federal prosecutor, told reporters outside a Los Angeles court earlier this month that Jimmy “did not appear” in two scheduled testimony.

“It shouldn’t be necessary, but if he continues to dodge his words, we will apply to compel him,” he said.

Rosengart also summoned Taylor and fellow Tri Star Robin Greenhill, both of whom denied an earlier report in the Times that they helped Jamie secretly monitor Britney’s phone and tap the artist’s bedroom with a tape recorder.


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