Is Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard likely to be sold in January?

Eden Hazard was not able to live up to the expectations that were set When he replaced Chelsea for Real Madrid, unfortunately for him, the great balance he started with is running out. Both fans, but also fans of the club.

Hazard: He’s still in the Real Madrid store window

The ones in Madrid’s hierarchy is less protective of the player than they were before, having spent his final years defending him throughout the injuries that plagued him in his time in the Spanish capital. Prior to this season, it was already believed that it would be shown in the shop window, although there were no official presentations. Just a selection of clubs inquiring about his situation as they contemplate a move. If nothing changes in this regard over the coming weeks, the expectation is that July 2022 will see him push back hard into the market.

A departure in January is practically ruled out. The main reason for this is the family. In the coming weeks his fifth child will be born and he wants to have him in Madrid, a city he loves despite the fact that things did not go well for his career. Neither he nor his family are considering a change of location at this point in their pregnancy. Add to that the opinions of the player himself who He’s still convinced he has the power to change the situation And who will wait until the end of the campaign to make a decision.

Possible clubs for the winger are unclear. Only one has publicly confirmed he wants him, Ligue 1 champion Lille and the club the Belgian exploded into at the age of 20.

Hazard returns to Lille? Not impossible. I would go to Spain if I had to. Olivier Letang, president of the French club, confirmed that it may seem impossible the team.

β€œIt is clear that Hazard is a great player of high quality. At the moment, he is a Real Madrid player and he has a contract with this club.”

However, there was also Talking about returning to the Premier League, where his reputation, like Gareth Bale, continued to maintain merit long after the great performances ended. Reports indicate that it can form part of The most expensive attempt to escape from the landing Under the new ownership of Newcastle United emerged. Then there is Juventus, who last summer looked at the possibility of including him on loan, and are still looking at him.

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